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13 RedCon1 Supplements Release

13 RedCon1 Supplements Release

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

It really is never boring in the supplement world. We are excited and curious about the new Redcon1 supplement line being released here at the end of the month. Only two months after parting ways with Blackstone Labs, CEO of Redcon1 Aaron Singerman has announced his new supplement line set to release in August. Intentions of the company of to provide a quality product that will get results, according to Singerman’s Facebook chats. Along with the supplements, the fans of Redcon1 line will be able to purchase apparel of the brand.

Singerman also went on to say that Redcon1 will provide guidance for the fans, with free article, videos, and a podcast, to ensure results and success. If he has achieved all of these within 2 months, and the products are as promised, that would solidify him as a great pioneer in the supplements game. Looking at the packaging, the look is original, but looks cheaply made. However it’s not the cover, it’s the book, and we will be reviewing as many as possible of the Redcon1 supplements, once they become available.

Lets take a look at the supplements in question. First lets take a look at the supplements Redcon1 will bring to the table with it’s competitors.

1.Double Tap, a fat burner that promises to reduce hunger, enhance memory, and energy, also it will speed up your metabolism. So pretty typical as far as fat burners go, we steel can’t see the label. What is available is the price on the site at 49.99 for 90 capsules.

2.Isotope, an isolate whey protein supplement serving you 25g or protein, 130 calories, and only 3g carbs per serving. Looks like a straight forward whey isolote blend, with Redcon1 saying it is of highest quality available, and 100% accurately dosed.initial price 44.99 for 2.38 lbs.

3.Total War Pre Workout is the one we are most excited to try, and will definitely be the first we will try. Our expectation is that Redcon1 will be pushing this pre workout supplement as the face of the company. With combination of stimulants and nootropics, Total War promises, as many other N.O boosters to deliver,energy,focus,intensity,strength,huge pumps,vascularity, and motivation. We shall see,comes in 3 flavors for 39.99, stay tuned!

4. Breach is a typical BCAA supplement giving you 5g per serving. We can see it comes in 3 flavors, only time will tell if it’s worth the 39.99 price tag.

5.Big Noise is a pump building, and sustaining supplement. Redcon1 say it’s what people have been asking for! Personally not sure why release two basically similar products, this sounds like a pre workout to me, and I am not a fan of supplements saying the pump will last, most times you work out, you are pumped no matter what, unless you’re doing it wrong. Not sure, maybe I will eat my words, but tacking on another 40 bucks on top of Total War pre workout isn’t my idea of smart spending.

6.Cluster Bomb is a intra or post workout supplement, designed to keep you going during workouts, and recover faster. Over training is not a myth, and if not careful can effect your results. Yea being sore means you killed it at the gym, but not recovering fast enough will slow your goals down. This may be a supplement we review early on as well, it is not too bad at 39.99 for a tub of about 2 lbs.

7.Aftermath (Post Cycle) 8.Mental Trigger (Focus Formula) 9.Shield (Aromatase Inhibitor) 10.Somal-1 (1 DHEA Precurser) 11.Somal-4 (4 DHEA Precurser) 12.Somal-Nor (Nor Precurser) 13.Fade Out (Sleep Formula). All of the 7-13 on this list are muscle builder based, and you can check out the details on the website for Redcon1. We consider these ” only if you can afford them” supplements, and we will get them reviewed as well in due time.

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