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5 Best Athletic Performance Supplements

5 Best Athletic Performance Supplements

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Athletic Performance Supplements can be useful to anybody that’s doing any sort of physical activity. I know when it comes to nutrition it is ideal to get what your body needs from real food, and this article is in no way here to argue that. Ideally we want to present some options for the person who isn’t getting proper nutrition and for those who’s busy schedule can sometimes prevent them from actually getting a meal and therefor basically wasting their efforts in the gym or whatever other activity they choose to do.

When you hear the phrase athletic performance supplements, most will associate this with bodybuilding. I think bodybuilder or regular gym rats will already be neck deep into supplements, I’m not saying this isn’t for them but usually they already have an idea just by talking to people around the gym. This is more focused at the runner, hikers, people just looking to stay fit, or prepare for their marathon or iron man competition etc…

When you look at activities mentioned, they require energy and endurance, and unlike your gym training, these usually have a lengthy spell before you can take a break. So it’s very important that you keep your body covered in the areas that will deplete during such athletic activities. There are tons of supplement options on the market, but I am only going to name 5 that I feel are crucial to healthy persons athletic performance.

1. MultiVitamins- This will cover all your basic nutrients the body will require during high intensity training. If you can get a whole food vitamin, it’s absorbed faster and will give your immune system a boost as well.

2. Joint Support Supplements- With this you might be thinking, well this isn’t exactly a performance supplement. If you have ever been around older people that complain about joint pains then you will understand why this is on here. You want to keep your joints well lubricated even if you are young and don’t have pain showing yet. Trust me any high endurance activity will put your joints through hell, so adding a joint support pill in your day is a great idea.

3. Fish Oils- These are usually recommended for overall health, especially Omega 3s, in some studies shown to prevent cardiovascular disease, and it battles bad cholesterol. If you have enough fish in your diet you can skip this however.

4. Glutamine- Look basically if you are putting your body through hardcore activity, the glutamine levels will drop, and with it your stamina and endurance. It’s a good idea to add some form of glutamine supplement into your diet, at least on the days you are partaking in some form of athletic activity.

5. BCAAs- Short for Branched Chain Amino Acids, they are basically your recovery buddy, prolonging your endurance and recovery. If you take a good protein powder isolate for fast absorption , and some form of BCAAs, you will have energy and endurance for longer performance.

These 5 athletic performance supplements are there to cover your bodies basic nutrient needs, and overall health, just in case your diet isn’t providing you with enough. It also depends from person to person and the type of activity and goal that you are trying to achieve. Adding pre-workout supplements and fat burners can aid those looking to shed a few extra pounds for example, or some creatine for those looking to pack on few extra muscle pounds. Before taking any supplements you should have a goal in mind. But MultiVitamins and Fish Oils can be taken daily for overall health, as well as Joint Support Supplements.

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