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USP Labs OxyElite Protein Review

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OxyELITE Protein contains a precise blend of premium proteins including Milk Protein Isolate (MPI), which naturally contains a unique protein ... Read More »

USP Labs Modern BCAA Plus Review

usp labs bcaas powders

Modern BCAA’s  usesa 8:1:1 ratio of branched chain aminos and some  glutamine and electrolytes. 10g of Amino’s per serving with ... Read More »

USP Labs Oxyelite Pro New Formula Review

OxyELITE Pro New Formula is Pharmacist-formulated to deliver fast results.Therefore, it must be used with extreme caution, and only by ... Read More »

All USPLabs Supplements List

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USPlabs has quickly become one of the favorites amongst the bodybuilder,athletes and those looking to shed a few extra pounds. ... Read More »

New Jack3d Advanced Formula Review

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After many months of rumors and speculation the time has come, new Jack3d Advanced Formula is here. USPlabs has rolled ... Read More »

USP Labs Jack3D Micro Review

usp labs jack3d micro

USP Labs Jack3d Micro was created as the result of years of research and testing. It is a state of ... Read More »