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All VPX Sports Supplements List

All VPX Sports Supplements List

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Vital Pharmaceuticals, which distributes sports supplements under the brand name VPX Sports, is a sports nutrition corporation located in Florida, United States. Its market consists principally of bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts. If you are familiar with performance beverages then you might have used one of their products such as Redline, Shotgun,Chaindrive,or the SRO zero carb whey protein isolate.

Bottom line is now you can find all vpx sport nutrition supplements with our rating on one page, and look for reviews to follow. We here at newestbodybuildingsupplements.com are fans of VPX sports and would recommend giving these performance nutrition supplements.


VPX Redline Ultra Hardcore 132 Servings
Redline Ultra Hardcore’s Tri-Action, Liquid & Microtab Delivery innovation is Biotechnology exclusive to VPX. First, the clear faster acting liquid delivers sub-micron active compounds into your body within seconds. With a high speed shearing blade process VPX reduces active particles to a weight of less than one micron.
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Product DetailsVPX – Redline Xtreme RTD Energy Drink 4Pack
Redline Xtreme utilizes a novel scientific approach to promote energy and also support fat loss to an even greater extent than original Redline. Consequently, Redline Xtreme induces an even more intense Freeze and Burn sensation while also making your entire body quiver with innovative muscle energetic compounds.
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Product DetailsVPX NO Shotgun MHF-1
Increase whole body creatine retention to crank out more sets and more muscle-blasting reps for increased lean mass.
Maximizes pumps and muscle gain.
Supports insulin sensitivity and utilization.
Increases metabolism and fat burning.
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Product DetailsVPX Meltdown 120 Count
Combines the synergistic fat burning support of beta andrenergic agonists and alpha andrenergic antagonists (Yohimbine HCl, alpha-Yohimbine and 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine). In simpler terms it may activate fat burning mechanisms in your body while simultaneously blocking internal biochemistry that prevents you from burning fat by supporting one of the body’s key fat burning hormones called Norepinephrine.
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Product DetailsVPX Zero Carb SRO 2lb Tub
New SRO (SpiroFuse Reverse Osmosis) Whey Protein Isolate.
Whey Protein Isolate by Reverse Osmosis SpiroFuse Filtration.
Rich in Low Molecular Weight Bio-Active Protein Micro-fractions.
High in Di-Peptide & Tri-Peptide Isolates.
MST Micro-Fraction Selection Technology.
Awesome Taste Engineered by VPX Flavor Experts.
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Product DetailsVPX Chain Drive RTD 12/16oz
CHAIN DRIVE is the latest innovation from VPX that features solubilized BCAAs, which are suggested to have superior bioavailability versus other types of BCAAs. This solubilization technology gives stability to BCAAs in a liquid solution, with NO foam and NO wasted powder at the bottom of your container.
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Product DetailsVPX Black Pearl RTD 24Pack
Perfect to super energize your body for powerful workouts. This fast-acting substance delivers the right molecular structure to your energy systems for enhanced energy and power output. Caffeine acts to promote mental alertness and neurologically support the surge you need to maximize your training.
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Product DetailsVPX Bang Energy Drink 12/16oz
Make no Mistake – BANG is not your stereotypical high sugar, life-sucking soda masquerading as an energy drink. Power up with BANG’s potent brain & body-rocking fuel: Creatine, Caffeine, & BCAAs (Branched Chain Amio Acids).

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Product DetailsVPX Life Lift Bars, 12 – 60g Bars
Only 1 gram or Less of Sugar.
6 Net Carbs or Less.
20 grams of High Grade Protein.
20 grams of Fiber.
High Quality Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) Proteins.
DOES NOT Contain Low Grade Soy Protein.
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Product DetailsVPX Zero Impact Protein Meal Replacement Bars
Contain high grade milk proteins and healthy fats derived from nuts and seeds.
Uses erythritol to sweeten the bars.
100 percent natural; maintains healthy blood sugar and insulin levels and reduce body fat.

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Product DetailsVPX Sports Power Shock
NEW Power Shock powered by the worlds most cutting edge anabolic discovery of all time called BCAA Nitrates. You heard it right. VPX has engineered Branched Chain Amino Acids fused to a nitrate moiety! This provides for far greater BCAA stability and transport across intestinal and muscle cell membranes.
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Product DetailsVPX Sports Nutrition Redline Power Rush 12/2.5oz
Redline Power Rush from the Redline laboratories, VPX has taken the profound energy producing compounds of the Original Redline and shrunk them into a small convenient bottle. So goes the saying, “big things come in small packages,” with seven, that’s right seven hours of sustained energy.

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Product DetailsVPX CARBONX
Increases thermogenic effect of a meal over 70%.
Increases vo2, RMR, endurance and fat utilization.
Sustained insulin response and ultra low glycemic index.
Rapid gastric emptying and non-bloating
Far more thermogenic than waxy maize.
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Product DetailsVPX Stealth Weight Gainer
Contains a synergistic combination of compounds to shift muscles into maximal anabolic overdrive. Unlike other gainers, STEALTH is also designed to give you explosive power and strength with it’s blend of ingredients. VPX’s STEALTH is infused with 12 key NO-Shotgun® ingredients. STEALTH allows you to add muscle mass geometrically by forming new muscle.
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Product DetailsVPX Medivin Multivitamin
34 Vitamins, Minerals & Super-Healthy Nutrients.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids to Support Mood & Health.
5000 IU Vitamin D for Cardiovascular Support & Muscle Function.
Vitamin E and C to Promote Cellular Health.
Lutein to Support Eye Health.

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Product DetailsVPX Sports Syngex Protein
Whey Protein Isolate by Reverse Osmosis Spirofuse Filtration.
Intact Fat Globule IGF Rich Whey Protein Concentrate.
Rich in Bio-Active Protein Micro-Fractions.
MST Micro Fraction Selection Technology.
Awesome taste engineered by VPX flavor experts.
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