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ANS N-Mass Weight Gainer Review

ANS N-Mass Weight Gainer Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Honest Review of ANS Performance N-Mass Weight Gainer

ANS Performance has dropped their N-Series in 2016, with N-Mass weight gainer being a second protein supplement released. In traditional blue packaging ANS makes it a 15lb bag with three flavors. With this mass gainer you will consume 1,300 calories derived from 55g protein, 250g of carbohydrates, 9g fat, 3g creatine monohydrate and Appelin in every serving. Appelin is a natural appetite and digestive support complex made of alfalfa sprout, caraway seed, citrus sinensis extract,and ginger root extact, to help absorption and digestion basically.n mass,n-mass weght gainer

With many mass gainers on the market it can be tricky picking the right supplement.
N-Mass meal replacement is a new product with the new age of supplementation, as the industry changes the supplements do as well. We feel after that most weight gainers are pretty much going to look similar at a glance, with almost all being heavy in protein and carbs, with exception of few lean weight gainers. So when you are training hard and not seeing results you can find yourself searching for tips on how to gain weight, or put on muscle mass. Whether you turn to a fellow gym rat for advise or the internet, the weight gainers will come up no doubt about it. So now you’re online staring at 50 results for mass gainers, or muscle builder supplements, and it can get really hard picking the best one.

With user in mind we try our best to review supplements in user friendly way, and with weight gainers like N-Mass from ANS it can be tricky picking the quality one. Most weight gainers will be a proprietary blend, deriving the protein sources from different places. What it ultimately comes down to is the integrity of the company and they way they handle their supplements. ANS Perfomance is building a solid fan base as the years pass, and the new N-Series is fairly transparent. N-Mass is a four scoop or 332g per serving weight gainer that mixes really well with water or low fat milk. We use a blender, as should you if possible, especially if this would be your first time using mass gainers. Some lumping when using a shaker and ball.

The flavors of N-Mass are industry favorites; chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream. We tried the chocolate, starting off with half the full dose to test out the taste and after effects. The taste is great with this product, which is exactly what you want from a weight gainer, along with mixability. It doesn’t differ too much from many other products on the market in great taste and mixing, but unlike with some mass gainers we felt no stomach pain, or experienced excessive gas. We can attest to N-Mass doing what it is supposed to, as it provides a great way to get a meal full of nutrients in a quick drink. After a month of taking N-Mass weight gainer we saw 9lbs of lean muscle gain. We feel that if you can swing the 75$ or so, this is a great meal replacement supplement to help you put on the extra mass you desire.

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