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ANS Performance Rave! MagicLion ?

ANS Performance Rave! MagicLion ?

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

ANS Performance has put out a promotion for its latest supplement called Rave. It is set to be a energy and focus based supplement. Rave is a nootropic supplement, meaning it promises to give mental support, from what we have read. This is based on the MagicLion (click here for info) ingredient that is considered a neurogenic compound.

ANS Rave is exciting on paper so far, as it will be first supplement of it’s kind to crossover between mental and body support. Many pre workout supplements have some kind of claim towards mental focus, so it will be interesting to test out and review the ANS Rave. There really isn’t much to go on yet, there is no ingredients list at the moment, but if you know about ANS supplements then you would know they shoot for quality products.

Ritual pre workout is one of my favorites from ANS Performance, along with Diablo thermogenic. If Rave comes through with the good energy boost and gives me that cleat tunnel vision without jittery feeling or crashing, then I will buy into it. For now all we know is what they give us, and the only thing we really left out is that its a same old look as far as their line of supplements go, blue, with 60 servings, and one confirmed flavor, blue raspberry.

It is not easy to stand out in the supplement filled world, as it is these days, especially in the pre workout category. We are expecting big things from Rave nootropic, and will review it as soon as possible.Stay tuned!

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