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Arnold Series Countdown Website Up Now

Arnold Series Countdown Website Up Now

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Stack3d.com added another update on the new Arnold series from MusclePharm, set to release in less then two weeks. Their update is below.

“In a little under two weeks time Muscle Pharm will release their new Arnold Schwarzenegger supplement series at the Olympia Expo. While the ingredients behind each of the products have been slowly leaked week by week with Iron Mass, Cuts, and Pack still left to come. The brand have now uploaded two more things worth checking out for those eagerly awaiting the Schwarzenegger line. First up MP have put online a video of the brand’s booth at the Olympia event on September 27th and 28th. The clip walks us through the team’s Expo stand which unfortunately makes it seem like we are not going to see any of Muscle Pharm’s own supplements at the show. Lastly to help put us all at ease and carry us through to the Olympia launch. The brand have uploaded an official website for the Arnold Schwarzenegger series, that is right now counting down to the availability of the product range.”

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