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Arnold Series Iron Mass Fact Panel

Arnold Series Iron Mass Fact Panel

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

As they have been doing all week Stack3d.com supplement news site has been releasing fact panels on the new Arnold series supplements from MusclePharm. Today we have their write up and fact panel picture listed below. As we normally do here @newestsupps, the reviews will follow couple weeks after the product is released.

Article from Stack3d.com:
“As promised Muscle Pharm have revealed the formula behind one of their yet to be detailed supplements from the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger Series. Previously the brand dropped the facts panels for Iron CRE3, Iron Dream, Iron Pump, and now today’s big surprise, the weight gainer Iron Mass. Many MP fans may remember the term Clean Mass being thrown around as the brand’s mass gainer. Which to help put all the rumors to rest, has been dropped with it’s inspiration being carried over to the Arnold mass gainer. Getting down to business, Muscle Pharm’s Iron Mass formula is actually one that would have done the original Hybrid Series justice. Not only does it pack the usual protein and carbohydrate doses, it does so with a proprietary blend consisting of things such as sweet potato powder, BCAAs, digestive ingredients, whipped cream powder, and even hydrolyzed beef protein. You can check out the rest of the product’s contents in the official Iron Mass facts panel below, and look out for it at stockists on the 20th.”

Muscle Pharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Mass facts panel

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