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Axis Labs Clutch N’Gage Recovery Review

Axis Labs Clutch N’Gage Recovery Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Axis Labs Clutch N’GAGE is the Recovery/Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic Solution for optimal performance. N’GAGE is loaded with premium grade amino acids, including Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Glutamine. When used post-workout, N’GAGE quickly transports recovery nutrients to muscles that have been subjected to heavy, intense exercise. When used in the middle of the day, N’GAGE feeds recovering muscles with a second dose of anabolic recovery fuel.

Axis Labs products contain the highest quality nutrients, you can count on it. BCAA formula N’GAGE is a great example of this fact. N’GAGE contains superior AjiPure Amino Acids. AjiPure Amino Acids are obtained from botanical sources and are instantized to ensure optimal bioavailability and complete absorption.

>35 Servings
>Calories – 10
>Fat – 0g
>Saturated Fat – 0g
>Total Carbohydrates – 0g
>Sugars – 0g
>Protein – 0g
>Pyridoxine (B6) (as pyridoxine HCL) – 10mg
>2:1:1 AjiPure Instantized BCAAs (L-Leucine 2,500 mg, L-Isoleucine 1,250 mg, L-Valine 1,250 mg) – 5,000mg
>AjiPure L-Glutamine – 2,500mg

The ingredient profile I thought seemed pretty decent for what you get in this. I like that it does not have carbs and sugar. They maybe could up some of the ingredients (like glutamine) a little but I was ok with what it had. It is now available in four flavors(Watermelon Splash,Cherry Limewave,Glacier Punch & Orange Cream) after axis labs added another flavor(Orange Cream) earlier this year.

One of the best tasting BCAA blends I have ever tried. Use a little more liquid then recommended because it can be overpowering . Overall great taste.

With Ajiipure BCAAs and Glutamine it mixes great, just few shakes in a bottle and you’re set. No grittiness or any aftertaste causing issues.


N’GAGE kept my intensity level in the gym at a steady pace and you really noticed its effects with the shortened recovery time between sets. Minimized soreness after heavy chest and leg days that was very noticeable compared to days that I didn’t supplement with it. The added Vitamin B6 works as a catalyst in the body to support complete utilization of amino acids – helping to drive protein synthesis. Overall I was pleased with recovery and even enhanced energy when used intra-workout.

Pricey if you are using two scoop, which will give you half a month or so for about 30$. It’s a good bcaa cocktail thats worth it in my opinion.

Personally I would recommend this product with the overall experience I had with it but but unless you normally enjoy overpaying for BCAA blends that are already overpriced on the market you might want to wait for a better value sized tub or a sale. N’GAGE is as good as any BCAA blends that I have tried and the taste is far superior to the other blends, but that doesn’t justify the price tag.

35 Servings
Our rating:

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