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Best Carbohydrate Supplements for 2013

Best Carbohydrate Supplements for 2013

(Last Updated On: 02/19/2014)

Carbohydrates are essential nutrients you need to consume daily to maintain energy levels. Another positive of  carbs is they  help support exercise and sports activities, as well as replenishing  muscle glycogen levels. In this article we take a closer look at the  ingredients in your favorite carbohydrate supplements, as well as educate those still new to the idea of getting carbs from supplements.

Carbohydrate Basics
Carbohydrates are mainly made from either one or a combination of the 3 single sugar molecules( fructose, galactose and glucose) which can be separated into 3 groups:
>Sugars– Simplest form  of 1 to 2 sugar molecules, such as glucose, sucrose, fructose & lactose.
>Short Chain Carbohydrates– Are  2-10 sugar molecules long, such as maltodextrins & raffinose.
>Polysaccharides– The longer sugar molecules; starch and non starch polysaccharides.

Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen, found in muscles and the Liver. Liver  stores about 100 grams, while 200 grams are stored in the muscles. Due to liver being  smaller, glycogen is more concentrated  than in the muscles. Anything over the maximum storage of glycogen is turned into fat.

Two main forms of carbohydrates:

Simple Carbohydrates- are  simple sugars you get naturally from fruit, milk or sugar.  They digest fast, but they don’t fill you up.
Complex Carbohydrates- are bread, pasta, potatoes, rice,  beans etc… considered the “good”  carbohydrates, for their fibers,vitamins & minerals which take longer to digest insuring you stay fed longer.

Those who do hardcore exercise, can’t always eat enough carbs through the day. This is the reason carbohydrate supplements have become a hit, to help people get the nutriiton they need, at the time they need it . It is suggested to take post-workout, about 0.5g-1g of  carbs for 2lbs of body weight. Do not use as sole meal replacement, you will get better results from as a supplement along with real food.

Carbohydrate Supplements

Carbohydrate Supplements can add 100 grams with a single scoop added with your regular meal. Carb supplements  are mainly used for energy or as Weight Gainers. Like anything you do, the choice of carb supplement that you make will depend on yout goals and type of exercise you are doing. Carbs taken pre-workot or during will help blood glucose levels for enhanced performance. Carbs taken post-workout  help  help with faster absorption of protein. To reduce storing fat I would recommend taking carbohydrate supplements closer to your workout time because you are burn more energy.
Forms of Carbs in Supplements:
>Dextrose–Or glucose, a simple sugar and the fuel of choice for your muscles.
>Maltodextrin–Food additive containing several glucose molecules.
>Waxy Starches Waxy starches come from corn, rice, potatoes and barley.

-For shorter intense workouts (under2hrs), a quickly digested carbohydrate source is your best bet. Supplements containing dextrose (glucose), maltodextrin and the blend of waxy maize starch show the best response.
-For longer workouts (over2hrs), a carbohydrate providing sustained, long term releases of glucose into the system is preferred. Generic waxy maize starch appears to work. Alternatively, constant consumption of quickly digested carbohydrates may also work.

Below we have featured some of the top selling carbohydrate supplements on the market at the moment. All products we feature have only the best consumer reviews, but you should always read the labels before using any supplements. Compare on amazon.com and bodybuilding.com to get best deals.


dark matter carbohydrateMHP, Dark Matter, 2.64 lb
Increases Protein Synthesis Faster Than Whey
Dramatically Spikes Insulin and Replenishes Glycogen
Multi-phase Creatine Transport & Cell Volumizing Matrix
New Technology for Rapid Absorption and BioAvailability
Our rating:

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glycomaizeOptimum Nutrition Glycomaize
35 grams of concentrated carbohydrates per scoop
Packed with fast-acting, high-molecular weight Waxy Maize Starch
Trehalose for intermediate energy
Contains Carbogen digestive enzymes to enhance utilization
Unflavored versatility.
Our rating:

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dymatize waxy maizeDymatize Nutrition FLUD 4lbs
Promotes the appearance of increased muscularity
Increases energy storage and super-hydration
Accelerated recovery
Ultimate muscle hydration
High-density waxy maize starch
Our rating:

waximaizeIDS Waximaize Complex Carb Supplement 5lbs
Acesulfame Potassium.
Potent Fast Acting for Bigger Pumps.
Increases Blood Volume.
40g of high Molecular Weight Carbohydrates.

Our rating:

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bsn waxy maizeBSN Volumaize 1.2lbs
Supports myocellular expansion, fullness and full body pumps
Supports muscle strength, power and endurance
Supports Protein synthesis – Anabolism
Supports overall physical performance
Increases working capacity of muscle tissue
Our rating:

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carb slamCarb Slam Waxy Maize Starch 6lbs
PrimaForce Carb Slam features a long-chain, complex, super-high molecular weight, sugar-free carbohydrate from Waxy Maize Starch. Carb Slam passes through the stomach much faster than any other carbohydrate source and in the process, delivers nutrients and protein to your muscles at lightning-fast speed.
Our rating:

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ALLMAX NUTRITION Waxy Maize 4.4lbs
Immediate Glycogen Mediated Muscle Volumizing
High Molecular Weight Polymermized Carb Fuel
Exclusive Multi-Patented Cross-Linked Amylopectin
Fuels Powerful and Intense Workouts
100% Sugar-Free, Mixes Easily with Zero Bloating and No Water Retention
Our rating:
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dextrose carb powderDextrose Powder 100% Pure 10 lb
100% Pure
Natural Sweetener
Easily Utilized by the Body
Natural Energy Source
Our rating:

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carbo gainCarbo Gain 100% Complex Carbohydrate, 8 lb
100% Pure Maltodextrin
Complex Carbohydrate
Supports Weight Gain
Supports Sustained Energy and Endurance
Our rating:

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carn on xVPX Carbonx 2.2lbs
Increases Thermogenic Effect of a Meal Over 70%.
Increases VO2, RMR, Endurance & Fat Utilization.
Increases Endurance 78.1% Better Than Glucose.
Sustained Insulin Response / Ultra Low Glycemic Index.
Far More Thermogenic than Waxy Maize.
Our rating:

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universal carbo plusUniversal Nutrition Carbo Plus 13lbs
No Fat
100% Natural complex carbs
No Cholesterol
From Superior Glucose Polymers
Premium Glycemic Carbs for Pure Energy
Our rating:

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karbo lynAll American EFX Karbolyn 35lbs
Fast-acting, long-lasting, high-performance fuel
Pre-workout: quickly ‘carb-load’ in minutes not hours
Post-workout: replenish muscle glycogen for faster recovery
100% sugar-free, stimulant-free and gluten-free
Tested drug-free
Our rating:

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vitargoGenr8 Vitargo S2 Unflavored 25/Servings
Move through the stomach more than 2X faster.
Accelerate glycogen recovery by 168%.
Deliver fuel to muscle and the rest of the body more than 2X as fast within 10 minutes after exercise.
Proven to be the strategic solution to maximize performance.
Our rating:

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power carb mixPower Carb Drink Mix 2.2lbs
Increases muscle glycogen stores.
Ignites energy, allowing you to exercise harder and longer.
Increases the effectiveness of other supplements you’re taking.
Is pure and unadulterated – will not test positive for banned substances.
Our rating:

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