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Best Green Tea Supplements

Best Green Tea Supplements

(Last Updated On: 02/19/2014)

Green Tea originates from China and then spread to many other parts of Asia such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. In those countries, green tea was used as both a beverage and a traditional medicine. However the rest of the world is catching up, more and more scientific research is being done, and future of green tea and green tea health supplements looks to be a long and bright one.
Variety of beneficial effects have been shown with Green Tea consumption including benefits for conditions such as:
>Fat Loss
>General Weight Loss
>Cardiovascular Disease
>Cognitive Impairment Disorders
>Oxidative Processes
>Different types of cancers
>Healing of Wounds
All those things are great but lets be honest here, most people reading through bodybuilding websites are looking for green tea effects on fat loss and general weight loss. In China they have known this for years and years, green tea will help you maintain your weight and be a huge factor in your digestive system. We are going to try to focus on green tea for athletic use and what green tea supplements you can use to enhance your gym performance.

Ever since the green tea craze started you can bet tons on supplements have some type of green tea extract on their label. Sales have gone through the roof on green tea health craze product in the western world, finding the truth on how they work can be tricky. Here at Newest Bodybuilding Supplements we do two things, research the product and research through tons on consumer reviews before featuring any products. As a rule of tomb most people will tell you the truth if they got screwed on the product, nobody like loosing money on something that doesn’t work.

How does Green Tea affect weight loss exactly?

Green Tea contains Catechins , a group compounds known as polyphenols such as Epigallocatechin Gallate, Epicgallocatechin, Epicatechin Gallate and Epicatechin which have been shown to have several effects related to increased thermogenesis (increased metabolism through body heat production), increased fat burning or oxidation and decreased fat absorption.

Green Tea Bodybuilding & Fitness Uses

Obviously, you can get green tea extract from drinking green tea. But green tea supplements may be more practical and convenient for you. Can be found as a stand-alone supplement, or in fat burners and fat loss protein powders.
>Pre-workout- Green tea is a great alternative to the ECA(Ephedrine-Caffeine-Aspirin) stack. Yeah I know nothing beats the ECA stack but there are people who don’t like the feeling they get from ECA. If it works for you then just keep trucking.
>Cutting-Research suggests that supplementing with green tea can raise your resting metabolic rate by 3%. In order to get this benefit you must have about about 3 glasses a day. If you have a bmr of 2000 or so that means 60 extra calories a day. Why do you see so few obese Asians. It’s the green tea! Just Saying.

There are a few things to take note of, firstly, the amount of Catechin in the product is often not specified, and it is this ingredient that has all the beneficial effects. Furthermore, in fat loss mixtures, green tea is very rarely the sole ingredient. So you need to consider that although the concentration of Catechins may be low, they are also working in conjunction with the cocktail of other weight loss ingredients in the product.
Green Tea Extracts go well together with other fat loss products like fat loss proteins and fat metabolisers. However, if you are already using a powerful thermogenic supplement, or a fat loss supplement with high amounts of green tea extract it may not be a good idea to stack that with a full strength green tea extract.

Green Tea can be a great addition to the fitness enthusiast’s arsenal. It is no wonder there is a media blitz telling you green tea is the latest greatest supplement. But it is no more “the latest supplement” than food is. Its been around for 1000s of years and there are billions of people who swear by it these days. Regardless of what your goals are, we have listed below some of the more popular green tea supplements on the market. Note: We only feature the top rated and best selling green tea supplements based on research and consumer reviews, always consult a doctor proir taking any supplements.


green tea extractNow Foods, Green Tea Extract 400 mg
250 Capsules
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Promotes weight loss
Promotes Overall health

Our rating:

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mega green tea extractMega Green Tea Extract (Decaffeinated)
100 Capsules
98% Polyphenols.
Dietary Supplement.
Decaffeinated Green Tea used.

Our rating:

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egc green tea extractNOW Foods EGCg Green Tea Extract 400mg
180 Capsules
Antioxidant Support
200mg EGCg / 80% Catechins
Supports Cellular Health*
Vegetarian Formula
Our rating:

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green tea extractAdvanta Supplements Green Tea X-tract, 500mg
60 Capsules
500 mg of Green Tea
60 mg of Vitamin C for better absorption
Same Formulation as Recommended by The 4-Hour Body
Green Tea Extract
Our rating:

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green tea fat burnerApplied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner 2Pck
Increases calorie burning process
Kick-start your fat burning ability
Have thermogenic properties that enhance your metabolism
Essential nutrient required for fat, sugar and carbohydrate metabolism
Thermogenic mechanism oxidizes fat and increases energy expenditure
Our rating:

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green tea extract decaffeineted Jarrow Formulas Green Tea Decaffinated
100 Capsules
Antioxidant protection
Supports cardiovascular and immune health
Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

Our rating:

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lean green PrimaFORCE Lean Green 60 Caps
LEAN GREEN is an extremely potent green tea extract, containing over 90% polyphenols, 70% catechins and 50% EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate).
Enhance Immune Function.
Maximum Performance.

Our rating:

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thermo green teaExtra Strength Thermo Green Tea 90 VegiCaps
Extra Strength
700mg Green Tea, 350mg EGCg
Calorie Burning
Free Radical Defense
Our rating:

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Product DetailsUniversal Nutrition Green Tea
90 Capsules
Increase thermogenisus by up to 43%
Will not increase heart rate

Our rating:

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lean extremeNow Foods T-Lean Extreme
60 Capsules
Supports Optimal Body Composition
Enhances Energy Production
Facilitates Body Fat Reduction
Our rating:

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