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Best Protein Bar Brownie?!

Best Protein Bar Brownie?!

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New MuscleMed’s brownie protein bar called ” Carnivor Brownie” is just awesome. You like chocolate well this is as close as you will get it in the supplement industry. It’s a little different from the original Carnivor bars but it doesn,t lack in flavor. It’s a little slimmer but wider then the other ones, and you should try to eat it quick, all though i don’t mind the chocolaty aftertaste for a while:)..

It has 15g of protein and 190 calories, it will fill you up trust me. Runs about 30 bucks for 12, just depends what you can afford. I liked it, it’s chocolate fudge!! We put a link below if you’re interested. Cheapest I saw.

Price for 12 pack: $29.99

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