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Betancourt Nutrition Pure Amino Review

Betancourt Nutrition Pure Amino Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Pure Amino blend is  comparable to most intra workouts. You get plenty of BCAAs coming in at a 4:1:1 ratio. You also get a nice performance enhancing side of things. Taurine, glycine, and some Cit Mal. They use Stevia and natural fruit punch flavors(fruit punch,grape and watermelon). No sucralose or aspartame. I wish more companies would do this with their products. Its nice to see a company using Stevia and not using a ton of fillers in a product. L-Leucine is the most important Amino acid when it comes to anabolic signaling for muscle growth and tissue repair.

When taking Pure Amino from Betancourt Nutrition you can expect to get a non-stimulant boost in exercise performance and a delay in fatigue. After a workout expect a great recovery provided by the 4:1:1 BCAA blend featuring L-Leucine. It is also recommended to rake amino anytime between meals to promote anabolic state.

Well when there’s no artificial flavoring usually means the taste is bad, and no surprise here. Taste is not for for everyone, you can really taste the Stevia, and it doesn.t get batter as time passes either. If taste is your thing maybe find another amino blend. And you really gotta force it down which isn’t good for and intra-workout, that’s supposed to be sipped.

This mixed well, no clumping or significant residue. Typical Leucine foaming on top after it is shaked, but not a big amount, goes away rather fast.

I could definitely tell a difference when I took it versus not taking it on rest days. Helped greatly reduce DOMS/soreness and lowered rest times between sets. I does what you expect from a BCAAs, you get recovery and reduce fatigue, what else can I say. For me anything that keeps me from burning out during a workout is a solid product, and the pure amino did this for sure.

It’s roughly 25$, which to me is a bit high. I only used 1 scoop which lasted me a little over a month. But most bcaa/intra workout supplements are priced a little higher, so it’s on par with other supplements out there.

If you can get passed the taste, I feel this is a solid intra/recovery drink. You get reduction of DOMS and you get to recover quicker between sets. If you are a serious lifter the taste won’t bother you and the pure amino will benefit you greatly in the area that matters.

28 Servings
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