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Blast Pre-Workout Review

Blast Pre-Workout Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

BLAST pre-workout  from Side Effect Sports pushes you to peak performance with 940 milligrams of scientifically studied ingredients specially selected to deliver maximum focus and drive. It is gluten free for those effected by that. 2000mg of Creatine HCL which increases muscle cell volume. Get 5.0 grams of concentrated BCAA Matrix including – Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Blast Ion Channel Transport is a scientifically engineered targeting system offering you an unparalleled synergy of power and cellular breaching compounds. Adenosine 3-5 cyclic monophosphate is used for transferring into cells the effects of hormones like glucagon and adrenaline, which can’t pass through the cell membrane. Comes in three different flavors, Orange, Grape and Strawberry.

I tried the Orange flavor, but I hear the strawberry and grape are awesome too. Orange tastes like you are biting into a piece of a real piece of orange fruit, which makes it a little tart,not like a sugary orange soda tho. It’s got the perfect mix of tart and sweet. I gotta say side effect sports did a good job on the flavor for sure.

Mixed great , no grittiness or left over on the bottom. I mixed it with a spoon at first , but works great with a cup as well.

This product contains no stimulants, but it feels like it does. The energy is clean, I get no jitters, and it acts fast, I don’t think any more then 10 or 15 minutes tops for you to realize it is working. It normally lasts for a few hours afterwords, with no crash. I noticed that my peck size have increased too.
Also I felt stronger and could lift more and for more reps. In comparison to Jack3d, which many users have experience with, I have found this product to be many times more effective. I have recommended this to a few people, for me it works great.

24 dollars for 32 servings! That’s a great price for me, when you compare it to the rest of the pre-workout supplements on the market it is just great in value.

Blast is a cheap pre-workout with a lot of punch. If you are looking for a product that will help you make some solid gains in muscle mass and strength, but not hurt your wallet, then I would suggest giving this product a try. It’s still new, I believe people will be talking about this product in the next few months. Give it a try it’s cheap and works!

32 Servings
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