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BSNs Nitrix 2.0 Pre-workout Booster Review

BSNs Nitrix 2.0 Pre-workout Booster Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

BSNs Nitrix 2.0 is what’s called an a.m. to p.m. vaso-muscular dilator. It expands your blood vessels, which  increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscle cells. End result, you will experience improved workout performance, amazing pumps, all-day muscle fullness and vascularity, increased energy, a higher resistance to fatigue and a greater ability to recover.

The key to the all-new redesigned Nitrix 2.0 formula is the inclusion of 3 grams of the amino acid L-citrulline, a precursor to nitric oxide, setting Nitrix 2.0 apart and once again demonstrating BSN®’s relentless devotion to innovation and moving the world of supplementation forward.

>Volumizes Vascular and Muscle Tissue.
>All-Day Vascularity, Pumps, Muscle Tone, and Hardness.
>Promotes Tissue Recovery, Repair, and Endurance.
>Lessens Muscle/Joint Pain and Stiffness.
>Supports Maximal Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels.

It is recommended to take as a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets 2 times per day. Pills are ok, not to bad to get down, no bad after taste or foul burps.

Got a nice endurance boost. I took the full daily dose and worked chest/tris/abs for 2 hours and felt like I could keep going for awhile longer. Definitely got extra reps via the creatine. No side effects like tingling, buzz, or headache. You don’t noticed it at first, but once you get your blood pressure up (after a warm-up) your muscles feel like they are slowly being filled up like a balloon having air slowly pumped into it. If you’re looking for a stim-free pump product in a pill form this would be one to go with, for sure.

60 servings for about 60$ so it’s not really cheap but I feel its a solid pump/recovery supplement. I recommend shopping around to find a deal.

Recovery with this supplement is insane, my body felt more refreshed an rejuvenated and way less fatigued. You really feel like you can workout 5 hours straight on this stuuf, the pumps are great, you get more reps in, and increase your indurance, what more do you want. After 30 days of taking NITRIX 2.0 and eveyrday was like the first with this product. You just can’t go wrong. So if in the near future your looking for some pumps/recovery NITRIX 2.0 is your supplement.

180 Tablets
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