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Cellucor N0 Extreme Review

Cellucor N0 Extreme Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Cellucor’s N-Zero Extreme is a Zero Creatine and Zero Sugar Pre-Workout with only 1G of Carbs. It contains NO3 technology, BCAA’s and Beta Alanine to generate unmatched NO levels in the body, maximizes endurance and drastically reduces muscle fatigue. NO3 is Nitrate, an advanced ingredient that dilates smooth muscle tissue to maximize blood flow into whatever muscle group you’re working on that day—legs, shoulders, biceps—to expedite results.

Gave the orange flavor a try and it wasn’t great, I had to force it down. Little bit of a medicine synthetic after taste as well.

It had some weird bead-like things in it that never would seem to dissolve in the water. They’re hard to explain, but that is the best I can sum it up. Other than the bead things, The rest mixed fine.

Great pumps that last for hours! You will notice energy and focus as soon as you hit the gym, and then the tunnel vision kicks in. You get more reps in and reduce your rest time between sets, and I am talking from like the first the you take this stuff. I got leaner and kept my strength, which was my initial goal.

It’s priced higher then most pre workout supplements, 30 servings on amazon for about 55$ and that’s the cheapest I have found it. Its a good product but it’ll cost you. Try it and see if it’s worth the price for you.

After a full tub and plenty of exercise, as well as clean diet I dropped 8lbs and didn’tloose any strenght which is a big plus. If your looking to cut up then try N0 instead of C4, other then the taste you get a better pump and longer lasting energy from N0 Extreme.

30 Servings
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