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Cellucor’s New Alpha Amino Review-Recovery Supplements

Cellucor’s New Alpha Amino Review-Recovery Supplements

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Our Review of Cellucor’s New Alpha Amino Recovery Supplement.

Cellucor is one of the favorites amongst gym goers, mainly because their products have proven to be top of the line and get results they promise. The latest supplement from Cellucor is a recovery supplement Alpha Amino. This new performance sports drink comes in 4 flavors with a BCAA blend (5g per serving), highlighted by 3x Leucine, and 11 additional Amino Acids to promote muscular endurance and recovery, as well as compounds to promote hydration. Alpha Amino has become a favorite in a hurry, it has gotten great reviews from beta testers and reviews from consumers have been very positive.

Alpha Amino is great because it can be taken any time of the day, but we recommend taking this during or after your training, because like most cellucor supplements it’s not cheap. You don’t have to worry about calories,carbs or sugars with Alpha Amino, it’s really a quality product with a transparent label, so you know what you’re getting. Click to check out the label here.

I have been using Alpha Amino as a post workout supplement little over a month now, and finally I wanted to write a review and share my experience with this new supplement. I am not a doctor so make sure you read the label and make sure you don’t have any allergens to any ingredient. Personally I had no side effects from Alpha Amino.

I got the Lemon Lime flavored Alpha Amino and was very pleased with the flavor. I am a fan of tart flavors and this one was great and refreshing, not sweet and hard to take down. I honestly could drink this stuff like any sports drink you can get out there. No bad after taste!

Mixes great, you do get some foam that settles pretty quick and some grains but nothing I couldn’t handle. After few more shakes it mixes completely, but first few times I don’t think I mixed it long enough and noticed some settled on the bottom.

One thing I want to point out right away is that you will notice alpha amino working, because if you don’t take it, the difference is huge. I would feel great while drinking this during and post workout, my body felt more energized, there was no jitter because the product is stimulant free, and no other side effects to mention. Really great BCAA cocktail, I would even say it’s the best new supplement of it’s kind that I have had experience with. You get a good pump with the 3x Leucine in the Alpha Amino and the recovery between sets is awesome. The next day I would feel fresh and ready to go, not much soreness, no stomach cramps. Overall I would recommend this post workout product to anybody looking for a great recovery supplement.

I used about two scoops so for me 25-30$ for basically 15 servings isn’t too expensive but it all depends on your budget. Worth the money in my opinion. Below I added some links to compare pricing.

30 Servings
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