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Controlled Labs Orange Triad Review

Controlled Labs Orange Triad Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Orange Triad combines important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for supporting optimal digestion, immune system, and joint health into one “twice daily” dietary supplement. The Joint and Flex Complexes assist in lubricating the joints and cartilage as well as increasing the resiliency of connective tissue, while the Digestion and Immune Complex includes digestive aids, and nutrient partitioning agents to boost your performance levels. Everything you want in a multivitamin and more. Has the necessary minerals you need to get, an immune complex, joint complex, flex complex and digestion complex. The reason I like this so much is I don’t need to buy glucosamine supplements. Since starting taking this I finished off my joint supplements and have not needed to take anything other than this and fish oil for almost 3 months now.

3 pills in AM and 3 pills later on in the day with food. I have no problem swallowing pills and splitting them up, I did read complaints about having to take many pills. I didn’t find the pills to be that big but some people complain about them so I guess they are big to some people.


This is one of the best if not the best multi for absorbtion, you will notice this if ou took other multivitamins before. It’s not a supplement that nuilds your muscle for you nut for overall health and aid in absorbton, this is a solid product. That is about all you can ask for and expect of a multi-vitamin.

Because the price if high at like 30$ a container, I would recommend taking only three instead of 6 pills a day, you get more value and there’s no noticeable difference honestly.

Overall this is a pretty good multi-vitamin. Usually I have the mindset that all vitamins are basically the same and One-A-Day or Opti-Men is really not going to make that much of a difference. Well, taking this will not make or break your training, but it has a few extra things in there that do separate it from the rest of the multi-vitamins out there. If you have the money to spend this would be a good vitamin to look into.

45 Servings
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