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CytoSport Monster Mass Review

CytoSport Monster Mass Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Monster Mass is the most powerful, yet easily digestible, mass-building protein in history. Although it tastes like an ultra-rich milk shake, MONSTER MASS’s 600+ calorie advanced protein and carbohydrate systems make it the ultimate nutritional tool for building monster size and muscle. Rapid-releasing anabolic whey, glutamine peptides and free form BCAA’s are complemented by slower, anti-catabolic caseins and other complete milk protein isolates. This powerful combination of fast and slow proteins creates an “anabolic window” that lasts for hours.
I’ve taken many types of protein and my results with monster mass have been the best! I have completed two tubs and just started my third. I mix mine with 2% milk bc to me it tastes awesome that way and also I get about 10-12 extra grams of protein from the 16 oz of milk I use for each shake. I have a small mixer that I use but I’ve also used a shaker cup plenty of times and never get any chucks.

The taste is GREAT. Anybody who says otherwise has not shopped the protein competition. Strawberrys n Creme is the best tasting protein Ive ever had. Or perhaps the Strawberry Milkshake flavor, but that only comes in the Muscle Milk Collegiate blend which has slightly less protein and much more carbs.

Mixes great, I recommend a blender for a smoother taste. Shakers work but not as smooth of a mix.

From my first two tubs (two months) I put on about 13lbs. Definitely noticed a large difference in my leg, chest, and arms (bi, tri, for, shoulder). My body is also really responsive to all supplements I take so others may not get the same results. I stacked it with M5 creatine by Cellucor, which I took pre-workout.

It’s a bit pricy if you go to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. Online has better deals you can find a 5lb tub from 40-50$. I have been really happy with this gainer, and if money is not a factor i would recommend trying it out.

I have always been a big fan of Cytosport, and the way their Protein products taste. This weight gainer did not dissapoint in the taste department, whether you mix it with water or milk this stuff tastes great! I really looked forward to my daily dose of Monster Mass. It has a great nutrient profile as well, high carb (not excessively high), low sugar and high Protein. The Protein blend makes it ideal for any time of day as well.
I never had any stomach discomfort with this weight gainer, as I have had with other weight gain products in the past. The only thing I wished is that they would make a 10lb paint can of this stuff so it would last longer.

5.6lb Tub
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