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FitMiss Burn 2013 Review

FitMiss Burn 2013 Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)


Fitmiss (New Brand from MusclePharm) weight loss product Burn is the brands flagship fat burner supplement. If you know your muscle pharm supplements you will quickly realize it is muscle pharm’s Shred Matrix wrapped in pink. Of all the ingredients in Shred and Burn there is only one that the two don’t share. Instead of using suma extract, Fitmiss replaced it with raspberry ketones. This only shows how easy it is to make a supplement directed at the ladies, shave the servings of the available formula and change the color of the label and you have a ladies supplement. When it comes to serving size compared to Shred, the Burn only say to take 2 pills.

When you only have two difference between basically the same product, AND the new product is weaker but more expensive I gotta call BS on that. I really recommend getting the shred matrix if you are looking at MP formulated fat burners. I can’t in good consciousness let anybody pay twice the price for a weaker product.

I expected more from the FitMiss brand overall. I understand cutting down the dosage and targeting ladies with the new brand but as far as ingredients go it’s just a already formulated muscle pharm supplement watered down with a new look. Stick to the already proven supplements from Mp and don’t waste your money on the Burn. If you say I am wrong and it worked for you, that’s great and those looking to purchase the product regardless, there arelinks below to compare prices.

90 Capsules

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