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Genomyx New Decimate Thermogenic Powder Review

Genomyx New Decimate Thermogenic Powder Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

If you were a fan of Genomyx Meximum Decimate fat burner in pill form then you should be really be looking forward to trying the new Decimate Evolved Thermogenic Powder. It is sold in Lemon Berry flavor with 60 servings! There’s  no loading , just  use as directed  twice a day on an empty stomach, separated by at least 5 hours. Best times to take Decimate Evolved is when you wake up and then pre-workout .Avoid taking it 4-6 hours before bed.  It is a stim fre formula!

In conjunction with a suitable diet and training/cardio regimen, Decimate Evolved will help you to achieve the your ideal goals, and the  support for the  mood is very noticeable. This makes Decimate Evolved a true fat-loss companion, assisting in an improved body composition and heightened mood that is crucial during hard dieting phases.

Amount Per Serving %DV*
>Phenylethylamine (PEA) 800 mg
>Salvia Miltiorrhiza 500 mg
>Green Coffee Bean 300 mg
>DiCaffeine Malate 300 mg
>Paeonol (98%) 300 mg
>Black Pepper Extract 20 mg

Cycling off after 8-12 weeks  is recommended.  Then 4-8 weeks of “off period”, then you can take it again.


To figure out your tolerance, begin with half of one serving (.5 scoops), in 6-8oz. of water, two (2) times daily on an empty stomach. The taste is tart, but not in a bad way, it goes down easy, not bad after taste or gritty taste from the powder. Mixes completely in water, but with a full scoop you will need to mix it little longer to get everything to dissolve. Little white foam on surface but goes away in few seconds.

Well I just got this so the final effect is to be determined, I just want to share what I have experienced so far. I used to use the Maximum Decimate which was in pill form last year and it worked ok so naturally I had to get the new evolved decimate in powder. I don’t mind taking pill but you don’t get the burst of freshness from a pill. The lemon Berry flavor when taken in the morning will wake you up, you get this almost weird sense of focus and determination. I feel ready for the gym early in the morning even if I do not go until later. You will notice a slight increase in body temperature even with half a scoop. I usually take one dose in the morning then one about half hour before before the gym. Once in the gym you feel to go , focused and energized, and the thermo effect stats kicking in, especially if you are doing cardio. I have a few pounds I want to loose so I do cardio few times a week and I can feel it working. I didn’t burn out as fast and was sweating within minutes, when lifting I felt a little stronger but that could be a placebo effect because most new supplements I try seem to give me a little extra strength.

It’s still a new fat burner and the price is about 65 cents a serving, and if you are doing only one scoop a day then you will have better value. 2 scoops gets you a month supply for 40$. Not bad for what seems like a solid thermogenic powder.

From what I have experienced so far I like this new evolved decimate powder, focus and energy are there, plus you feel the thermo effect kick in. I have a strict diet going and am working out 5 days a week, so with that I am confident this will help me loose few pounds and tone up. I will update the review once I have finished the tub but so far all the signs are positive for this weight loss supplement.

60 Servings
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