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Gold Standard Gainer

Gold Standard Gainer

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Optimum Nutrition as you may know is a trusted supplement company world wide. With different lines of products and sub supplement lines Optimum started introducing Gold Standard supplements. They started with the pre-workout and moved on to BCAA’s product, and now we are expecting a weight gainer supplement to hit the market soon.

There isn’t too much information on the Gainer out yet, but from the label being released, we can tell it’s a leaner weight gain supplement. You can compare it to the Pro Series, Pro Gainer. it has 55g of protein from a blend of concentrate,whey isolate, dairy isolate, and hydrolyzed whey. we are attaching a label for you to view below.

So far from the picture you can tell there two flavors, Colossal Chocolate,Vanilla Ice Cream, which are typical for Optimum Nutrition Supplements. With the new Gainer the expectation is high, and we have no doubt Optimum will deliver. For those looking to put on lean mass this could come in handy.

Gold Standard Gainer Label

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