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Hardgainers Guide To Adding Muscle Mass

Hardgainers Guide To Adding Muscle Mass

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Well everybody that works out at any level wants to see results right? Nobody wants it more then the metabolism stricken Hardgainers that kill themselves in the gym and get small to no results. Obviously that’s not the case for everybody and there are ways to gain weight and lean muscle, but most make mistakes of just getting fat because they think they’re “bulking”. Regardless of what you have heard or seen pictures of getting fat then trying to get lean only works if you are an expert on nutrition and use steroids, like many big bodybuilders that in the off season go nuts with carbo loading then cut like crazy before shows.

The old saying “you’ve gotta eat big to get big” is more often used as an excuse to pig out than an actual effective method of putting on size. Not all of the fears about cutting calories are wrong, because if done too drastically and for too long it impedes progress. But, keeping fat under control does involve cutting calories and eating the right kinda calories is crucial, which is where weight gainer supplements play a huge roll in my opinion.

This guide will be for the average person who is doing it to stay fit and look good in a process. There are no get big quick schemes here, I will write down a few basic step you need to take gain bigger muscles while keeping the fat off. Ideally this is what you are going to gym for I’d hope, unless you just like looking around. You can go to many places online and they all have a tip or two on how to do it, but it;s really all about few basic steps, I’ll list them below and hopefully it will help you get the physic you dream about and bust your ass for at the gym. Ok lets get stated.

1st- Get Your Rest
First? Yes this is a point I want to make right away just in case you might have not heard about rest and bodybuilding partnership. Yes working out hard is important but don’t think just because you kill it at the gym, you can just write off sleep. It is a known fact that sleep and rest periods are when your muscle really grow, so try to get between 6-8 hours per night. If you can, also consider taking a power nap or two in the day when time permits. When you’re in the gym, work hard, but when it’s time to go home, go home. You could be just wasting time unless you rest.

2nd-Plenty of Multi-Joint Exercises
You should base your training around multi-joint exercises. Multi-joint exercises activate a greater amount of muscle groups than single-joint exercises, and thus you get more bang for your buck by doing them. If you don’t know what I mean by multi-joint exercises, here are few choices:Barbell Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Presses, Overhead Presses, Barbell Rows, Pull-ups&Chin-ups. By doing these exercises you are usually able to lift a greater load of weight, allowing you to put more tension on the muscle which is conducive to muscle hypertrophy(Size Increase).

3rd-Eat Calorically Dense Foods
At the end of the day, you will not gain weight if you don’t take in sufficient nutrients and calories. It’s hard to get all the nutrients I know, you would kill yourself eating big meals all day. I recommend munching on these types of calorie dense foods which are guaranteed to have what you need nutrient and calories wise(nuts, spreads like butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, oils/dressings, beef, pork, cheeses, dairy cream, whole eggs, granola, coconut, etc..

4th-If you Can’t Eat It, Drink It!
There’s a reason weight gainers are generally mixed in liquid, and it’s because liquid calories tend to be much less satiating than an equivocal amount calories from solid foods. Don’t go nuts and start drowning yourself in sugary sodas and what not, but you should be drinking milk, fruit juices, weight-gainer smoothies, etc.. which will get you the extra calories. Think about it you are already skinny, and you are commited to the gym, so getting fat is not in the picture, only size you will notice is in the muscles.

5th- Get Your Level of Strength Up
It’s no secret that the heavier you can lift the more muscle mass you will get. You see people at the gym lifting the same weight for months and they look the same, then they are the first to say ” I just can’t seem to add size,bro”. No S%^t! When you go into the gym one of your main priorities should be trying to progress from your previous workout, if you aren’t trying to get stronger you won’t get bigger, plain and simple. Unless you get fat haha. You don’t have to always be trying to add more weight to get stronger, it can be a number of things that result in muscle tearing and thus getting bigger as part of a healing process. Just focus on progressing/improving in some capacity each week, and your size will come. Try not to do to much cardio in the process either, you’re skinny already!

Well there you have it, as I said it’s not a big secret, you gotta lift heavy,eat and eat well,rest up and repeat. If you go to the basic and use your supplements such as protein powders , pre-workout boosters and weight gainers to assist you on the way, you will notice results. Just work on improving everyday, try lifting little more every day, and one important part that I think is key; Set your goals, how big do you want to get, don’t just look at somebody at the gym and say I want to be that big when you don’t even know how long it took. Set short term goals with a big picture in mind, just lift and lift heavy, you’ll get there. If you have questions contact me through email here and we will figure it out. Good Luck!

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