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Image Sports 4D Pump Pre-Workout Review

Image Sports 4D Pump Pre-Workout Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

4D PUMP is a true Muscle Building Pre-Training Formula from Image Sports, that is a throwback to a time of Harder Workouts and better gains. A time when pre-workout powders did more than just give you energy. 4D PUMP is a dual modulating N.O. formula that is designed to Increase Strength, Endurance and promote Muscle Fullness. It is the ultimate tool to Enhance Performance.

Image Sports 4D Pump is intended for those serious lifters. Unless you are a bodybuilder who is accustomed to high caffeine and niacin doses, 4D Pump probably is not the supplement for you. It is just too powerful for the average user. Consider that this contains 30mg of niacin which is twice the recommended dosage & yohimbe which is banned in australia and new zealand. So unless you have been on similar stuff before this will make you feel on crack per say.

It is made up of an all star cast of superstar muscle building and pump promoting ingredients,few are listed below:
>Creatine  is a naturally-occurring amino acid.
>Niacin Vitamin B3 promotes vasodilation.
>Glycerol  boosts fat loss and improves  performance.
>Caffeine increases energy and calorie burning through thermogenesis.
>Amino Acids  Crucial for muscle growth.
>Yohimbe  plant extract is a proven fat burner.

4D Pump works best when combined with muscle building or endurance training along with proper diet. In other words, if you aren’t following a hardcore strength training or high intensity program, 4D Pump probably won’t do you much good.

It comes in two flavors(arctic ice & red lemonade). I got the arctic ice which I hoped was going to be fresh tasting. It was very tart, is all can say. Not terrible but you will need to push it down.

No issue here mixed completely except it gets a little foamy. Take one (1) serving (1 scoop) approximately 15-30 minutes prior to training, blended into 8-10 ounces (236-295 mL) of cold water or beverage and you’re set.

Well for me it worked great, it says no tingles on the label and I didn’t feel any. It gave me great pump throughout my workout, my rest time was shorter, I got more reps in. I was on C4 before and this is on par with that, little worse tasting. You can tell it’s working because not only do you get the energy, but you get a solid feeling throughout your body with little to no crash, just pure intensity and focus.

Price is best on Bodybuilding.com I think compared to GNC. 30 servings will run you about 33$. which isn’t bad for a solid pre-workout supplements, especially when it performs as good as C4 that goes for like 65$.

This was an affordable supplement with great effects for me personally, I got energy,focus, great pump. It powered my workout for two full hours with no crash after. I was impressed with the image sports on this supplement and will comtinue using it.

30 Servings
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