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Image Sports Vein Pre-Workout Booster Review

Image Sports Vein Pre-Workout Booster Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

This is going to be a quick review of the latest pre-workout supplements from Image Sports called Vein. This product came out a while back but we just now are choosing the time to add the review, mainly because most of our contributors were about 50/50 on this and we weren’t sure if we should review it or not.

One of the first things you will notice about it when you read the label is the Proprietary Blend of 2000mg, and a few ingredients named, such as Glycerol Monostearate and Acetyl-L-Carnitne. This product is sold in a 120g container, which gives you 30 servings according to the label, so that comes to 4g a scoop. Just from what I just wrote there can make anybody that knows about supplements and ingredients think, how the heck you get a good pump from only 4g of few ingredients? Well it took a while to find a contributor to our site that has taken Vein recently, and will list his review below.

If you look at the label it tells you to 1 scoop with 6oz of cold water about half hour prior to working out. Well spoiler alert before the review, you will need two scoops, which drops the value of this product drastically.

The actual taste was not bad, you won’t be amazed but there is no bad after taste or foul odor when you open the tub of fruit punch. It tastes like maybe less sweet version of a regular fruit punch drink you can find at any supermarket.

Mixes great actually, even with the two scoops I used, just with two more ounces of liquid then recommended. No grit or settlement on the bottom, you get a bit of foam but it goes away quick.

Vein for a pre-workout 30 minutes before is the claim from Image Sports, and also many reviews I’ve read before buying it. Well let’s just say you need to take it about an hour before to feel anything with just one scoop, you can probably get a bigger energy boost from a red bull. I was disappointed the first day taking only one scoop and having little to no energy at the gym. The next day I added two scoops, and noticed by the time I got to the gym I had a good amount of clean feeling energy coming on, didn’t feel sick or jittery. I’m not going to say I got the best pump ever but I had a solid pump going and got more reps in. After there’s no crash, even if you take it later at night it will let you sleep, so that’s a positive. I think this will very from person to person, I personally feel I need a stronger product.

About 30$ for 30 servings, which cut down to 15 servings because you have to use two scoops. Not the best value for me.

From Image Sports I prefer the 4D Pump then the Vein. It’s a product for possibly stimulant sensitive and beginners still figuring out tolerance to different pre-training boosters. I am sure this will get results for anybody just starting out or getting back into the gym because that’s when you get results faster, but I wouldn’t recommend this to somebody looking to break a plateau or something along those lines. Good but not great is my thought on it.

30 Servings
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