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Muscle-Peak Protein Powder by Inner Armour Review

Muscle-Peak Protein Powder by Inner Armour Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Muscle-Peak Protein Powder is one of the best blend you get can for lean mass. It is packed with top quality Whey,Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates and Micellar Casein to create a low carb, only 190 calories per serving blend that will get the job done.

This protein powder does have fat and sugar but it is also packed with BCAAs and Amino Acids to help you get the recovery process sped up. The write up on Muscle-Peak from Inner Armour say this stuff will keep you lean and keep the muscles full in the process. You can check out the whole write up and the ingredient panel on Bodybuilding.com link attached below, just to spare me writing out all the ingredients and what not.

It’s only available in a 5lb, two flavor tub(Vanilla and Chocolate). Serving size scoop is 45g with 54 servings in a tub if you only use one scoop. Most people looking to build will use two, which will give you a whopping 50g of high quality protein per serving. One thing, if you use two scoop then use about 10 ounces of liquid as opposed to 6 ounces recommended on the label.

I got chocolate, well if I got to choose between vanilla and chocolate then chocolate will win every time. Not much to say about it, tastes like chocolate, not after taste or anything like that. Smooth easy to drink shake. I would like to see some new flavors but don’t see that happening. Chocolate rocks!

I used a blander and almond milk 10oz for two scoops of protein. It needs to be blended for a bit to smooth it out but overall I liked the way it mixed, no clumping, even with the casein protein in there, could be the blender power, I didn’t try the cup.

You want something so keep you full and energized between meals then Muscle-Peak is for you. It absorbs fast and last for hours, I took it post workout before my dinner and honestly I wouldn’t even be really hungry but I usually force a small protein meal to get my real food in. Next day after you you get up you feel energized, no dragging your feet. I work in the morning and this helped me just get out of bed, get ready and hit the road, there was not much soreness and you notice your muscle look better in the mirror. Over the time I took this protein blend I gained 8 pounds of muscle, noticed it in my arms and chest, just looked fuller after I was done. Very pleased with the results, and it was easy to take, no stomach digestion issues or much noticeable gas.

Can’t beat 5lbs of this quality protein for less then 35$.

I would recommend this to anybody looking to have lean gains or is on some kind of restricted diet but you need to get quality nutrients in a low calorie way. Inner Armour Muscle-Peak protein powder is going to give you results, it just depends if you utilize it right , and put the work in at the gym. Any questions please comment below and I will address them as soon as possible.

54 Servings
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