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Jay Cutlers Elite Series Pro Stim Fat Burner Review

Jay Cutlers Elite Series Pro Stim Fat Burner Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Pro Stim is a new Fat Burner from the new Jay Cutler supplement line Elite Series, which will feature seven supplements, all set to release soon and the fat burner was the first to be available. Pro Stim is a 490mg Proprietary Blend with six main ingredients;Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Dendrobium, Yerba Mate, Psoralea and Sword Bean. Main two that I feel will get the job done are Caffeine and L-Carnitine, one will boost the energy and other will metabolize the fat. When you look at a fat burner that’s really all you want, and appetite suppressant of course.

The New Pro Stim is designed for serious athletes according to the product page and will aid with weight loss programs. Also it advertizes the product should be used for pre-competition by bodybuilder looking to cut weight. And supposedly Jay Cutler takes this stuff as well, but we in no way can confirm or deny that fact. However we did find a tester that did a review for us and we will feature it below. Pro Stim is pretty easy to use, one pill before breakfast and one a=in the afternoon, on empty stomach if possible.

Took this stuff for about a week now, you only get 56 capsules for some reason and not 60 to give you a full month. But anyways I wanted to get leaner and I am a Cutler fan so I wanted to try this new serious athlete fat burner. I took it before I ate in the am and then right before my workout after work. It gives you energy that for damn sure, the caffeine kicks in , especially at the gym, you feel it, paired up with a pre-workout supplement this fat burner got me sweating and the body temperature is raised and lasts throughout the training session. I can’t testify for results yet, but I do look a little leaner, and my abs look tighter. Big plus there. I know this will get it done just buy how it makes me feel, I can tell it’s there and I like that fact. Most Fat burner aren’t this noticeable.

Sale on BB.com for about 25$ for 56 capsules or 28 days worth. I don’t understand why they made it only 28 day supply but still it’s worth the money I feel.

I think this is overall a good and promising fat burner that will help me get to my goals and anybody else looking to lean up, and help your diet. It’s a supplement you can feel and for me that’s a good sign. I would recommend giving it a run, and let us know how it worked for you if you wish.

56 Capsules
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