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MAN Sports Clean Protein Review

MAN Sports Clean Protein Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

MAN Sports Clean Protein Powder Review and Results

In this short review of MAN Sports 2016 protein powder called Clean Protein we will cover our experience with the product. However for the actual product description we have inserted a video from the guys over at MAN Sports, as well as a transparent label from Clean Protein. These guys really do put in the work, as this product is hand crafted and hand bottles. Cool thing about the label as you will see below is that all the proteins in the blend have an assigned value, which is rare to non existent on most protein powders.

man sports clean protein label
With the transparent label come five great flavors designed with the user in mind. Our personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Bits. The price is where they kinda lost us, but as we mentioned this is a tested protein powder that delivers everything it says. With some protein powders the claim on the label is a blend that isn’t disclosed, so maybe it says you are getting 25g of protein, but in reality it can be like 15 grams of complete protein source. With the Clean Protein from MAN we feel there is quality all around, the taste is great, easy to drink, we used water mostly and it tasted great. One thing to note is that using a shaker cup there may be a little bit lumpy, we recommend the blender if possible. No stomach aches, the full feeling was there, We recommend giving it a run if you are looking for a new top protein powder in 2016. Check out the video below from MAN Sports for detailed explanation of their product.

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