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MAN’s Iso Amino Coffee Creamer

MAN’s Iso Amino Coffee Creamer

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

First of it’s kind ISO Amino coffee creamer hits the market!

All I can say is, wow what a great idea! As a coffee addict, this is designed for me, and others like me. What makes ISO Amino coffee cream unique at the moment is that it’s the only one of it kind out there. So of course we are going to try it. Well once they actually put in on the market. For now it can be ordered directly from MAN Sports through email. Price for ISO Amino Coffee Cream is 24.99 or any two tubs for 39.99, and shits within two weeks at the moment.

Please don;t confuse ISO-Amino Cream with coffee flavored amino supplements. It is an actual coffee creamer loaded with BCAA’s  that you mix into your hot or cold coffee. There is a a video we have attached from MAN sports explaining the product. Can’t wait for this to hit the retailers, I don’t mind waiting but I drink lots of coffee haha.


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