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Most Common Fat Burning Myths

Most Common Fat Burning Myths

(Last Updated On: 02/19/2014)

We’re constantly trying to figure out the best workout, most effective eating program and quickest way to burn fat. Unfortunately a lot of obstacles are in our way. The biggest is misinformation. Myths surrounding fat loss have been with us since the dawn of the fitness movement. Debunking these myths and learning the truth about losing fat is the key to maximizing your time and effort in the gym. Separate fact from fiction and you’re well on your way to building a body that gets noticed.

Low-Intensity Exercise Burns Body Fat

This was spun from a poor interpretation of scientific research. Studies on exercise metabolism showed that the body burns a higher percentage of fat calories during slower, easier exercise sessions. Yes, the primary fuel used at rest is fat, but that doesn’t mean being a couch potato or doing low-intensity aerobic exercise will make you lean.

The key to losing body fat is burning calories, and you wont do a whole lot of that doing low-intensity workouts. High-intensity exercise (performed at 75% and higher of your maximum heart rate) is the way to go. You’ll burn more calories during the exercise itself, and once you finish training, you continue burning calories. This allows you to burn fat long after you’ve left the gym. You should also do plenty of aerobic exercise is of major importance when you’re trying to burn fat. Combined with proper eating and added muscle from resistance training high-intensity aerobic exercise can make you a fat-burning machine.

Fat-Free is Calorie-Free

People thinking that make the food companies lots of cash. The fat-free label grew popular with food companies when the public became concerned about dietary fat intake. While they don’t contain much fat, most of these products are loaded with sugar. Without even knowing it, you could be consuming large amounts of empty calories that are going right to bodyfat. To make matters worse, most people read fat-free on the label, eat large quantities of what they think is a good food choice and end up getting fatter. Fat-free shouldn’t mean a free-for-all.

Eliminating Fat From Your Diet Speeds up Fat Loss

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all fat is bad. In fact, taking in adequate amounts of fat is very important to the fat-burning process and to your overall health. Dietary fat serves as a carrier for the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Getting rid of all fat in your diet can lead to a reduced level of these important vitamins, which over time can produce a vitamin deficiency. Fat also delays the onset of hunger pangs and gives you that “I’m satisfied” feeling after a meal. This is a big reason why ultra-low-fat diets fail. If you want to drop bodyfat, be reasonable with your fat consumption and limit your fat calories to 10%-20% of our total daily calories.

Focusing only on Trouble Areas

Spot Reduction is localized exercise thought to reduce fat stores in certain “trouble areas” of the body. The theory is that if you exercise a specific area or muscle group, more fat will be burned from that area. For example, you might think you could do a large number of sit-ups or crunches to decrease abdominal fat. As attractive as this sounds, increasing a muscle’s activity doesn’t decrease fat in that area. Sorry for the bad news, but spot reduction is a waste of time.

Fat Burners alone will do the Job

Wrong! You need to look at fat burning supplements as aids, you need to be on a healthy eating plan and set workout plan in order for these supplements to help you burn fat. There are many positive consumer reviews on fat burners, 100% of those people also say weight loss supplements were just one of the components in their results. You need to get determined and stick to it. We don’t have that miracle pill, at least not yet!:-)

Dieting Burns Fat

Wrong Again! One of the worst things you can do to burn body fat is diet. That’s right, I said don’t diet. One well-documented change that occurs when you diet is a dramatic and sustained reduction in your metabolic rate. That means your own body’s ability to burn fat comes to a screeching halt. It also means you could end up storing more body fat as a direct result of your eating program.
Meal Frequency and food quality are vital to the person who wants to banish body fat. Eating 5-6 meals per day keeps your body’s metabolic rate high and will help you maintain that all-important muscle mass. But before you hit the buffet at Pizza Hut, let me explain this idea of eating your way to leanness.
Each meal should adhere to good nutrition basics low-fat, balanced meals, no junk foods and, above all, moderation. The following should serve as the benchmark of a sound eating plan: low-fat sources of protein (egg whites, chicken breasts, fish, lean cuts red meat), complex carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, oatmeal, whole-grain breads), plenty of vegetables and just a little fat. As a general rule, divide your plate into thirds: carbs, a lean source of protein and vegetables. Remember, no single eating plan is best for everyone, and nutrition isn’t an exact science. Experiment with different foods and quantities to find what works for you.

Even the best selling diet plans on the market are designed based on this. It really is a simple process, where most people struggle is discipline. Its all about how bad you want it!

Lifting Weights Only After You Lose Unwanted Body Fat

Lastly you will hear both men and women say that they’ll pump some iron after they drop some weight. This is just plain foolish. Resistance exercise facilitates the fat-burning process by main taming skeletal muscle and thus preserving the body’s most important metabolic regulator muscle. Skeletal muscle is the single largest organ system in humans, accounting for almost 40% of our bodyweight. Most people fail to realize that muscle is much more than something pretty to look at it’s the key to the fat-burning process.

Bottom line, if you want to be lean, you have to lift weights, eat well, sleep well. If you can achieve all these things the results will show, that’s a fact!

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