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Muscle Feast Whey Protein Isolate Review

Muscle Feast Whey Protein Isolate Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

-Lab tested for purity.
-Cold Processed microfiltration.
-100% non-denatured whey protein isolate
-Balanced BCAA profile (2:1:1), offering 5.2g of BCAA per serving.
-No additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients.
-Absolutely no fat or carbohydrates.
-Mixes great with water, juice, milk, sport drink and is great for cooking.
-Manufactured in the USA in a FDA licensed and Kosher dairy plant.

It natural so you can expect the taste to lack, unless you mix it with something flavored it will not be optimal tasting by any means.

This product mixes easily and perfectly every time, no problems with clumps and the powder dissolves completely. A few shakes in a shaker cup and it’s good to go.

This protein powder works great for recovery I noticed , and you can bcaas and glutamine if you like for better results. I notice it kept me full, I can go for hours on just one shake. No complains here, works great for me.

For  5lbs expect to spend about 65$ on amazon.com for 81 servings which  is a great deal for a quality pure isolate protein. Keep in mind amazon is one of the only places you can buy this supplement other then Muscle Feast site itself.

Its hard to judge a protein on results because you get protein from so many other sources but I can say the added profile aided to my recovery . Its easy to mix and not a bad taste or aftertaste. Also no gut bloat either. If you are looking to try a new protein why not give this one a try, it works.

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