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Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix Review

Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Shred Matrix is one the most powerful and popular  weight  loss system. It utilizes  a multi-system approach to fat loss. Potent but safe and effective for men and women. Shred Matrix looks at  key issues that make fat loss hard to achieve in the first place. You will notice improved energy and alertness, enhanced mood and mental focus, all while suppressing your appetite.
It is a comprehensive system involving 8 steps, each  formulated to target the key metabolic pathways within the body that control fat metabolism.
Shred Matrix Overview:
>Multi-system approach to fat loss
>Clinically proven ingredients
>Accelerates fat loss
>Destroys hunger and kills cravings
>Razor mental focus without jitter or crash
>Improves mood
>Cupports dry, lean look with water control formula

I took 3 pills in the morning before breakfast and 3 pills around noon before lunch. I increased to 4 pills per dosage in the last week or so of the cycle. The pills are medium size, but I never had a problem swallowing them. Since they are a pill there was not really any taste, although every once in a while I would have a burp that I can only describe as being somewhat like curry. That was a rare occurrence, however, and not a daily thing. No issues with taking 6 pills a day, I’ve taken pre-workout supplements that required more than that, so I can’t complain.

I started this about 205-210 lbs and around 18-20% bodyfat. I ended the cycle at 194-195 lbs and 14-15% bodyfat. I was typically performing 60 minutes of weight lifting and 30-45 minutes of cardio a day during my duration on Shred Matrix. I also followed a reduced calorie diet where I measured intake, expenditure, and net calories for the duration.
I saw effects almost immediately with this product. Within 7 days I just looked a little leaner in the mirror. After 3 weeks the change was very noticeable, especially in my abs and face, which tend to by my two hardest areas to lose from. This did NOT produce an intense thermo effect. I did NOT feel a “stim buzz” while I was on this product, and I did not sweat excessively. Though there is caffeine in this product I did not feel a huge energy “rush” or a crash on this product. It did give me a slight boost of energy, though, and I definitely missed that after I stopped taking it. I could tell it helped slightly with appetite suppression.

Pretty standard price for a fat burner, you can get 120 capsules for about $25, which can be a little steep, depending on your budget. The product has good consumer reviews, so if it works its worth the money right.

this helped me to meet the goals that I had set for myself in a reasonable amount of time. After I stopped taking it I did not experience a weight rebound, and my weight stayed consistent after finishing the cycle. I did notice after coming off of this that I didn’t look quite as “ripped” i.e, I had less definition than when I was taking it.

I would definitely recommend this to any person that is dedicated to actual fat loss and isn’t looking for an easy way to lose weight fast. I would also highly recommend this to people who are stim sensitive, as it did not make me feel jittery or jumpy at all.

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