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Muscle Rush Peak Pre-Workout by Inner Armour Review

Muscle Rush Peak Pre-Workout by Inner Armour Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Muscle Rush Peak is the feature pre-workout supplement from Inner Armour. It is a two flavor and 7 main ingredient supplement that at first glance doesn’t look so impressive, but when you consider the dosage and the quality of the ingredients included you realize there are no fillers and that it’s designed to get the job done.

You get 750mg of Creatine HCL and 1600mg of Beta-Alanine. Just those two ingredients are able to boost performances, then you throw in Caffeine and Arginine and few other ingredients to create a very strong dose of proven workout boosting ingredients. Usually when you look at a pre-workout supplement with only a 5g serving size you’d think that it will in ineffective, but this couldn’t farthest from the truth. Combination of the right dosage of ingredients that work, and you can leave the fillers which give other product a bigger serving size.

The recommendation from Inner Armour is to take muscle rush peak half hour before working out, and if you have never taken pre-workout supplements before, then start with 1 scoop and asses your tolerance. If you start taking two scoops, it’s not a bad idea but the value will decrease because you only get 30 servings in a tub, and with two scoops that’s only two weeks worth.

I had the Blue Raspberry, tastes kind of synthetic, little bit of medicine after taste. Kind of if you took a blue raspberry Tums pills and crushed it up. It’s not bad just noticeable.

No issues with the mixing, little foam but goes away, make sure you shake it for like 30 seconds at least, and if you are using more then one scoop, increase the amount of liquid accordingly.

I noticed it would kick in by the time I drive to the gym, about 20 minutes or so. You get the clean energy and focus. There is rush of energy and a pump going from the first set, nothing jittery or anything like that, just you notice you can lifter longer and rest time between sets seems to decrease by half. I took it for about a month, taking 1 1/2 scoops. I notice increase in strength, and my muscles looked fuller, also looked leaner , but i has on a low calorie lean gainer diet so that was expected. I feel this is a solid performance booster, and it’s actually priced ok. You will get results if you do the work basically.


30 one scoop servings for less then 25$, which isn’t bad if you only use one scoop.

I feel this is a solid pre-workout supplement that will work for anybody. There is no jitter or crash, you get energy and pumps, as well as increase in strength. In my opinion it won’t matter what kind of miracle supplement you got unless you eat clean and work out hard. Muscle Rush Peak is as good as most pre-training product on the market, other then the little blemish in the taste I would highly recommend giving it a try.

30 Servings
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