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MusclePharm New Assault Gamechanger Review

MusclePharm New Assault Gamechanger Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Assault’s New Pre-Workout formula is  one of the most complete pre-workout systems on the market.  Giving athletes the ultimate performance advantage. Assault’s contains a  Five Stage delivery system for ultimate performance: Whether it’s Size, Energy,Focus, Strength or Endurance. Contains advanced ingredients so can achieve top results.  Assault is packed with 2grams of “Carnosyn ” Beta-Alanine, and ION-3 Nitrate Technology nutrients.

Caffeine increases performance and alertness.  Regular caffeine  can leave you crashing quickly, the PurEnergy ingredient in the new Assault Gamechanger gives you focus and energy for 8 times the normal caffeine, without crashing after. Check out the video from MusclePharm describing the new assault here.

5 Stage Delivery System:





The New Assault as opposed to the old formula provides a smaller serving size but better ingredients. It is recommended to ix 1 scoop(14.5g) of ASSAULT in 8-12 oz. (236-354 mL) of water 20-30 minutes before training. For optimal results, drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water daily.

If you liked the old assault then you will like then new one flavors wise for sure. I got the lemon lime flavor and when you open the tub you can smell the tartness. Mixed in water, shook it for like 30 seconds, little foam on top but goes away, the flavor was refreshing and easy to swallow, not synthetic after taste or gritty powder taste. Dissolves completely as I expected, I had no issues with the old assault taste or mixability and wasn’t surprised that this tastes and mixes very well.

I am sure most know but in case you didn’t, this is an improvement on an already great product. When I was taking the old assault I would feel it in like 20 minutes, which is great, but this new assault game changer really is changing the game. You will feel this within 5 minutes, yes even with a smaller dosage scoop. I know I will get results in size while taking this, just by the pure fact the old Assault worked for me. I just got a tub of the new stuff and want to focus on what you get right away. You will get energy for days as they say, great pick me up with the caffeine in it, you will be ready to get busy at the gym. Focus and tunnel vision are insane, all you want to do is lift, recovery between sets is shredded in half at least, and let me get to the pump, this is one of the best supplements I have ever had when it comes to the pump. The old assault had a solid pump but this will make your muscles tighten up that skin for sure. One great thing about the new assault is that you get energy for ours, it’s very slow release, I mean after the gym for like 5 hours I would notice I can go back to the gym.No Crash, no Jittery cracked out feeling, great job by musclepharm with the new assault formula.

It all depends on how much you looking to spend, ranges from 2-50$ depends on serving size. I think it’s priced well, especially with the smaller scoop. About a 1$ a serving on average, depending where you get it online.

I think MusclePharm New Assault is going to be a hit at the Mr.Olympia next month and of course after, there will be plenty of positives to say about it, and most people will want to give it a try. I mean why not you get strength,energy,focus, pumps and size will come if you workout hard enough. All I can say is buy it and enjoy the gains, you will enjoy this pre-workout supplement for sure.

30 Servings
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