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MuscleTech Anabolic Halo Review

MuscleTech Anabolic Halo Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New and improved Anabolic Halo hit the shelves and the die hard muscltech fans flocked to get it. Personally I think Muscletech makes quality supplements, but with the last anabolic halo being less then average I wasn’t quick to dish out 20$ a pound for something that claims to be the all in one muscle shake and would replace :Protein Shake,Recovery Shake,Creatine, Etc….Basically it’s seven supplements combined into one. Main reason I was not in the rush is that I was wondering why would muscletech put out a product that directly clashes with their performance series products. Which I am a fan of by the way.

When you first look at the label it looks so promising, that of course people gotta look twice, but then you realize it’s per 2 scoops and it sinks in that the price would be like 3$ a shake. If you take 2 scoops you get little over two weeks worth, so you gotta buy 2 tubs which is like 100$, that’s not a good value but as long as it works right. If you have been around a while you know that you don’t really need all seven things in this supplement, with a protein powder,creatine, a recovery supplement you are good, maybe throw in a nice multivitamin like Animal Pak or Monster Multi to get the job done. Depending where you shop a lot of times those four supplements will be cheaper then two tubs of anabolic halo. Anyways that was my initial reaction to the product, and I was worried that they would hold back on quality to fit all these different supplements into one.

Anyways I just finished the tub and figured I will review my results and hopefully help people out when they are trying to buy this protein based supplement.

I had chocolate! Not easy to mess that up, It tastes great, resembles hot chocolate, but cold of course. Very tasty and probably the best chocolate flavored protein or any supplement that I have ever tasted. Muscletech didn’t fail here.

Little residue around the cup but that was just about it as far as “clumps” go. There were no clumps, not big chunks left on the top, bottom. When I mixed at home in a blender it mixed great. No issues.

I knew this product would taste great and mix well but where I was worried is the effect it would produce. Well I took it mainly pre and after my workout, and the recovery was great, even after leg day. I can’t say it’s better then the popular recovery drinks out there but it worked. I felt more energy throughout my workout as well. I mean I was felt focused, not burning out as fast, doing more reps and never really hungry. At first I thought it was the placebo effect but I took it for a month straight. I got leaner too, which was my goal when I started taking it, lost 9 pounds and toned up, great results in my opinion.

Sucks if you are double scooping, if not the price is on at 50$ for 32 servings. But if you do decide to try it out I suggest using a double scoop to get the 40g of protein and 5g BCAAs.

I think it exceeded my expectations, I really liked the profile, the taste and the results, in my opinion even tho it’s pricey I say get it. It’s ideal for busy people who don’t care for taking 5 different kinds of supplements. Good job muscletech with this supplement, just work on the price.

2.4lb Tub

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