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Muscletech Creacore Review

Muscletech Creacore Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

With over 2x more creatine HCl per scoop, CreaCore is also the first and only creatine formula to utilize a scientifically studied dose of fenugreek extract for improved effects. CreaCore requires no loading or cycling off, and does not cause bloating. It is the first to be formulated with a precise ratio of creatine and fenugreek extract (3500mg:900mg) per 2-scoop serving.

Not the most pleasant product I have tried, if you are sensitive to taste stay away. Lemon Lime is tart with an after taste that’s hard to explain.

Little gritty, Mixed well but you can still taste the grit, not so much visible but on the taste you notice it. Not a big deal for me.


Does it Work? Yes! I’ve taken Creatine HCl in the form of Con-Cret and just basic powder with nothing else, and this without a doubt matches up with Con-Cret. I noticed great gains in strength and I wasn’t quite as tired so for my higher volume sets of squats and deads, this product worked beautifully. I even noticed improved recovery from taking it post workout which was really nice.

About 20-30$ for 80 servings is a a fair price for the product that work. Shop around and you can find this for a good deal. Listed below we found a good deal on amazon.com for under 25$.

You gain lean muscle strength, increases your endurance during training, with no water retention. I think this is a solid product aside from the taste and little grit in the mixing process.

293g Tub
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