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MuscleTech New Push10 Pre-Workout Review

MuscleTech New Push10 Pre-Workout Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Claims From Muscletech:
ALL-NEW PUSH10 is a  pre-workout booster that supports a 10.5% increase in strength, increase in muscle endurance by 21%, and boost in training performance, no stimulants, no creatine, no banned substances (WADA).

>Average strength increase of 10.5%.

>Muscle Endurance increase of 21%.

>3200mg of beta-alanine has been added to PUSH10 which is suggested by research to increase training performance. Other pre-workout formulas deliver a questionable dose of this ingredient hidden within a proprietary blend.

It is recommended to mix 1 serving (1/2 scoop) with 8 oz. (240mL) of cold water 45 minutes before your workout. For full effects, mix 2 servings (1 scoop) with 16 oz. (480mL) of cold water.

My Review:

Very synthetic with a bitter aftertaste, even for me. I am usually not picky on taste but this wasn’t east to take down, even the fruit punch flavor, which you’d think would taste ok just for the pure fact it’s fruit punch. Not the case.


No problems whatsoever in this department. No extra foaming or floaties. Couple of shakes in a shaker cup and it was good to go. I did notice a little residue on the bottom but maybe because I didn’t mix it enough. Compared to the taste the mixabilty is a blessing. Remember the claims above are based on a full scoop serving, which cuts your supply in half.

I felt like I had plenty of energy during my 2 hour workouts that includes cardio. Steady and smooth with no crash afterwards like you could get from stimulant driven pre-workout supplements. All though the taste was horrible, the energy and strength boosts are legit. At first increase was about 5%. After a month of using it my strength has gone up to almost 15-20% . Doesn’t seem like much but in most pre-workouts all I get is a pump in the muscle but not an immediate increase in strength. Also I was able to work out much longer so I got better work out. another positive was when working out at nights and I had no problem falling to sleep, which is a big plus.

It’s not the cheapest for the amount of servings but I would recommend it if you can spend up to 35$ for like 500g of quality stim free booster.

Very solid performing pre-workout supplement that kept me going through my whole workout. I got stronger too, and by doing more cardio I got leaner. If you are looking for stimulant free booster or are cycling of a stimulant supplement, this is a product for you. Of course results will very but I feel this is worth trying out.

16 Servings
Our rating:

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