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Myogenix AfterShock Review

Myogenix AfterShock Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Myogenix has introduced an advanced strength and recovery formula. AfterShock Recovery. Designed to target every aspect of muscle growth, strength, speed, recovery, and over-all enhanced performance, AfterShock specifically keeps the needs of elite athletes in mind, who demand an intense nutritional profile. Enhance athletic performance and see results.
The idea is simple; put everything you need to build quality lean muscle after a hard work-out in one container. AfterShock takes the guesswork out of past workout nutrition with this unique, complex formula, so you don’t have to come home from the gym and concoct your own shake with 7 different bottles of supplements.

It Contains:

>34g Anabolic Whey Protein (100% Lactose Free‚ Fast Digesting Proteins With Di & TriPeptides)
>30g Mass Building Carbohydrates (Rapid Absorption‚ Glycogen Replenishing Carbohydrates)
>8g Amino Stack- Creatine & Glutamine (High Absorption‚ Patented Magnesium Creatine Chelate and Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine)
>7.25g Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine‚ Isoleucine & Valine)
>1500mg Joint Repair Formula (Glucosamine‚ Chondroitin & MSM)
>1500mg Antioxidant Blend (Alpha Lipoic Acid‚ Vitamin C‚ and B-Vitamins.

This is the area that I hear the most complaints about for this product. While it might not be the best tasting product on the market, I have to say I’m very impressed with the taste considering the ingredients that are used in this product. Hydrolyzed whey, creatine, glucosamine and straight up BCAA’s aren’t easy flavors to mask, and taking that into consideration, this product is pretty impressive. My personal favorite is the fruit punch, but the others I’ve tried including the Wild Berry having a semisweet mixed berry flavor or the Orange that reminds me of under-sweet tang won’t leave you dissapointed.

Considering the components, a little foaminess after mixing is to be expected (just let it sit a minute or two and this eliminates the problem). No complaints from me when it comes to mixing as the product mixes pretty easily in a shaker and I rarely experience clumps. You might be taken back somewhat when you first try this with a texture that’s slightly chalky, but trust me, it grows on you.

I have used this product on lean bulking, cutting and maintenance and I have yet to be left disappointed. Recovery is phenominal, among the best out of all the recovery products that I’ve tried. I saw great gains off of aftershock and i felt it start working almost immediately after a workout in that i would recover and was ready to hit the gym again.

This seems to be the only downfall when it comes to this outstanding product. While some will cringe at the price tag, I feel that it is on par with many other post workouts. 15 servings will seem to go pretty fast, but in case you haven’t seen it, they now have a 30 serving container that makes it a slightly better value. Regardless, I don’t feel the price is unjustified for the outstanding recovery and top of the line ingredients they use.

This product is a measuring stick that other post workouts should be measured against. Another thing I really like about this is I feel that with 25g of protein and 30g of carbs, it is set at just the right amount for a recovery formula, regardless of cut or bulk. This is hands down one of the best post workout products on the market today, and I strongly recommend that if you haven’t already given this product a try that you consider doing so in the near future.

2.6lb Tub
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