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Myogenix New HyperShock Rage Review

Myogenix New HyperShock Rage Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New Hypershock Rage from Myogenix is the strongest and most effective formula that they’ve produced to date. Once consumed it takes less than 15 minutes to notice a furious desire to rage through a workout. Hypershock Rage is effective at producing nitric oxide that many of their beta testers reported great vascularity and ridiculous pumps. Plus, Myogenix cornered the energy market by being the first and only company to use pure Phamaceutical Time Released Caffeine ensuring tons of energy during a workout and for hours after so there are no crash and burn side effects.

After nearly 12 months of development, and much trial and error, MyoGenix have developed a quality product in New Hypershock Rage, which is engineered to accomplish 1 thing, Results! Results! Results! The new pre-workout supplement has a 22g serving scoop, with 40 servings per container. Packed with minerals and vitamins as well as a complex Proprietary Blend packed with BCAAs, Nitric Oxide, Cretine, Beta Alanine and much more. All the ingredients included it is still remains low calorie with 50 Calories,12 carbs and 6 grams sugar.

It is recommended to mix 1-3 scoops of one of their six flavors( Atomic Grape,Blue Raspberry,Electric Orange,Furious Fruit Punch,Tropical Thunder and the Caffeine free Cherry Bomb) with 6-18 oz water and drink 15 minutes before exercising, on an empty stomach. To assess your tolerance, start with ½ the recommended serving size for your first few workouts.

I like the citrus flavor so I went for the Electric Orange. I liked the taste a lot, you can taste the orange with a little kick, no bad after taste or synthetic taste you get with some pre-workout supplements. I am not sure about other flavors but Orange is solid. You can also get the Cherry bomb flavor that’s stim free.

Mixes decent, I did notice some grittiness and foam on top, but nothing that makes it undrinkable. If i would rate it out of 5, I would give the mixability a 3. Serious lifters will not worry to much about the grit, just chug it down.

I started with 1 scoop for two days and I got a decent burst of clean energy right around the time I got to the gym. As for performance I felt about the same with many other supplements, this didn’t stand out as anything special for pumps and recovery between sets. But that with one scoop, so I went to 2 scoops and I noticed a major improvement and longer lasting energy, even after the gym, and there was no jittery feeling or crash after. I didn’t move to three because I get the feeling it would be too much caffeine for me, and the experience I had with two scoops did the job well. As for recovery I could tell I wasn’t sore the next day, and had the energy of a well rested person which is a big plus.

Price will depend on how many scoops you use, it runs about 40$ for 40 servings, great for 1 scoop but anything over that it loses value. 25-30$ would be an ideal price but most products in the pre-workout category are overpriced.

Big improvement on the older version, with better pumps and recovery, longer lasting energy and no crash after. Not much more can be asked of a supplement like this. If you are looking to try out a new pre-workout supplement then I would recommend giving the new HyperShock Rage a try. Price isn’t the best but you get a solid product that tastes good. And for the stimulant free folks out there, is a cherry bomb flavor that is caffeine free. Give it a try, give us feedback on other flavors.

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