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Nature’s Best New Javapro Whey and Coffee Supplement

Nature’s Best New Javapro Whey and Coffee Supplement

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Now here is a supplement I can get excited about! Whey Protein and Coffee?? Yes! It is a latest supplement announcement from Nature’s Best where they are introducing the Javapro. If you read the formula’s title you can guess that it is a coffee infused supplement. Nature’s Best have combined a whey protein complex with a real coffee. if you are familiar with Nature’s Best then you know they are behind many supplements in a very solid line of products called Isopure. I believe this will be a very solid product, and will grow in popularity, lot’s of people like coffee and whey protein, put them together and make it taste good, you can name your price.
Features 6 Flavors:
>French Vanilla

Javapro comes in a 22oz(616g) container, they recommend about an ounce(28g) per serving, so out of a container you can’t get a whole months worth, not sure if that’s good or bad, will depend on the price and how often it should be taken. I will have more information posted as it released. I believe they are planning to release the Javapro by the end of August 2013.
As far as I found on the label this supplement contains per serving:
>110 Calories
>20g Protein
>2g Carbs
>1g Sugar
>1.5g Total Fat
>230mg Potacium
>45mg Sodium

I am expecting good things from this supplement, the folks on Isopures facebook page are saying it tastes great. I have requested a sample as soon as possible, and will review as soon as I get it. For now you can read the Amazon reviews, I still have not had a chance to review it. People seem to like it, I left a link below.


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