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Neon Sport New Volt Pre Workout Review

Neon Sport New Volt Pre Workout Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Neon Sport New Volt is made for people who say they ‘don’t feel pre-workouts’ from observing the ingredients, Neon Sport New Volt will most definitely work. Beta-alanine, caffeine, citrulline and rhodiola are all ingredients which have been studied quite extensively and have been researched in the sporting and exercise context with positive results. Neon Sports New Volt signature ingredient is Beta Alanine. Which  delivers almost 2x the amount of Beta Alanine that the competition products do at max dose.

Ingredients in Neon Sport’s Volt:
>Beta-Alanine – Usually used to fight fatigue and boost endurance.
>Caffeine – Used  to enhance exercise performance, mental focus & weight management.
>Rhodiola – A plant extract with ability to boost the body’s adaptation to stress.
>Citrulline – Increases arginine levels in the body and boosts nitric oxide production.
>Agmatine Sulfate -Reduces soreness and transports  glucose into muscles.
>Rauwolfia – Contains yohimbine, the effective and powerful thermogenic.
>NADH – Short for Nicotinamide Adenine Ducleotide and Hydrogen assists with energy production in the body.
>Olive Leaf Extract – Plant extract which is promoted as anti-ageing due to the presence of strong antioxidants.

Neon Sport Volt is offered in only three flavors(Berry Pomegranate,Watermelon & Electric Punch) with the initially release but we will see if that changes, depending on this supplements performance for users. I have recently gotten my hands on Berry Pomegranate which I will review below, and to make a quick point. This pre-workout supplement will be the staple for stacks all over the world by the end of the year. It’s no joke, you will feel this product! I felt it within 10 minutes of taking it. That was the wow moment, especially comparing it to other stuff on the market.

The berry pomegranate is one of the best tasting pre-workout supplements I have ever tried. The flavor is refreshing and fruity tasting, kinda like kool aid but better. I started with 1 scoop as they say on the tub, but eventually worked my way to 2 scoops.

Mixes great in water, and I tried in a sports drink. No issues what so ever, gets a little foamy but that goes away after few seconds. When using two scoops I had to add little more liquid to get it to mix better. You get 36 servings unless you take two scoops then it might seem like 180g isn’t much.

I felt id within 10 minutes like I said, my body started to get a little tingly. I believe three areas this product shines is energy, intensity, and thermogenesis. I felt a great bursts of energy and I was intense the whole workout, my recovery between sets seem to have decreased by like half, that could be a placebo effect but I really felt like there was no need for a break. I mentioned thermogenics because your body temperature goes up, you will notice feeling hot, which could only be thermogenic effect in my mind. Once you are done, and this was a huge PLUS for me, NO CRASH! I felt a great boost in my energy after workout, almost made me think should I stay another hour here.

Well depends if you are going to be using one or two scoops, because at 1 scoop the price is great, at two not so much. Volt debuted for like 40$ on GNC and now it’s available on Bodybuilding.com website for same price. I expected it to be around 30$ but I don’t mind paying for this product at all.

I got to say go give it a try! I will be using this for awhile, from what I experienced in short time I am really looking forward to using the Neon Sport New Volt. Energy and Intensity are a huge deal for me, and this pre-workout supplement has answered the call. Great stuff!

36 Servings
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