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New Amino Pump Elite Series Review

New Amino Pump Elite Series Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Amino Pump is another supplement from the Jay Cutler Elite Series. Since the recent release of the products, there has been plenty of positives surrounding the new line from 4 time Mr.Olympia and BPI Sports. Amino Pump currently has a 9/10 rating on BB.com, and the amount of people that rated is high considering amino pump just came out.

Amino Pump is marketed as a muscle builder and recovery supplement that if Caffeine and Sugar free, which is great for those not so tolerant to stimulants. It is a 8100mg Proprietary Blend consisting of creatine, beta alanine, tourine, Leucine and couple other ones. The amount of each ingredient isn’t provided however, but with the ingredients mentioned even in small amount will give you a pump and noticeable recovery, just buy the fact they are used in other already proven product.

Amino Pump as many other Amino Acids and BCAA blends can be taken anytime, but I would recommend either during or after for recovery and muscle breakdown protection. It is a two flavor(Blue Lemonade and Fruit Punch) supplement, both of which taste good, little foam and grit are noticeable, but it’s nothing I couldn’t handle. Amino pump is a one scoop serving with 30 servings in each container. I used it as directed by mixing 1 scoop into 8 ounces of cold water, other then grit and foam I had no noticeable issues with mixing.

Well I have only been taking this for two weeks and can 100% attest that prior to taking amino pump, I was way more sore after my workouts. I noticed when I took this my muscles looked fuller and I had more energy and lower recovery in between sets. It’s stimulant free so there is no jitter or crash, I think so far so good, and would recommend giving this a try, if you need more reviews, check out the BB.com forum by clicking here.

About a 1$ per serving, in my opinion it’s worth it. I will be giving this another run after I am done with the current tub. Jay Cutler Elite series is making a good impact on the market so far and the prices are on par with the rest. If you can afford to drop 30$ then Amino Pump is worth a try.

30 Servings
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