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NEW Axis Labs Sma5h Pre-Workout

NEW Axis Labs Sma5h Pre-Workout

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Stack3d.com announced on their site that joining the Axis Labs line of supplements for 2013, is a new supplement called Sma5h. At the moment nothing can be confirmed for it’s content’s list, however there are a few product highlights with a 10g serving, glacier punch flavor, pre-workout intentions, and 5 effects, energy, strength, focus, vasodilation, and the even joint support.

All we can do is wait now since they confirmed the beta testing samples will be released soon. Also you may notice from the picture the colors are not the standard red and black, could be a new sign of change from axis labs. Which is not surprising since many companies look to inject new life into brand and gain followers. I expect this Sma5h pre-workout supplement to be released at the end of august or maybe at the Mr.Olympia in September. Either way I will add information as it becomes available and will do a review when I have had a chance to test it out. >>Read Full Review!

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