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New Cellucor C4 Mass Review

New Cellucor C4 Mass Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New mass building supplement from Cellucor is call C4 Mass and its similar to the original C4 with the added ingredients to help you put size on. We have been testing this product for about 5 weeks and are going to review it below, but first thing’s first. Here are some facts from the label that you will be interested in: There is a blend of creatine and simple sugars,also beta alanine and caffeine. You get 25g of carbs per dosage.

But before we get into what it did for our testers, lets get one things straight. This isn’t some miracle supplement that will put on 30 pounds of muscle for you. It’s a good mass gainer supplement, and it will show you results with hard work. C4 Mass will do wonders if you’re just starting to lift, but for those hitting plateau this will give you a boost if you are just trying something new.

You’ll probably hate it, but man up and suck it down. We had the fruit punch and it was gritty and bitter, even with all the sugar geez. If you’re sensitive to taste then pass on this.


Not bad, mixes easy in a cup, few shakes you’re done.


Took it for a month and gained 5 lbs. I am pretty lean so this was pretty good for me. Noticed a good flow of energy, I didn’t burn out as fast. No discomfort of any sort for me, not jittery or suffering from stomach pain. I’m gonna stick wit it for while long and see what I get out of it.

Cellucor products are pricey as we all know. I got 30 servings for less then 50$, depends on you, but I would recommend giving C4 Mass a run. Good Luck!! Post questions below if you have any!

30 Servings
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