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New Gold Standard BCAA

New Gold Standard BCAA

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Optimum Nutrition add Gold Standard BCAA to the market.

When you think of building muscle BCAA’s should be on top of your list. With the third of muscle tissue in the human body consisting of BCAA’s, it is important to keep this area well stocked. Using a BCAA supplement such as Gold Standard will help increase muscle protein synthesis, an absolute must in bodybuilding success. Using a supplement like this will help you recover faster, give you more energy, and ensure you better results. Check out the photo below for a quick overview if Optimum Nutrition’s new Gold Standard BCAA.New Gold Standard BCAA, best bcaa's

Personally there was no doubt in my mind that I was getting the Gold Standard BCAA once it released. I trust optimum nutrition, I have used their supplements for years. With no surprise, I love this new BCAA, which I have tried in the watermelon flavor. The mix of the BCAA’s and Electrolytes ,makes it a great drink to sip all day long. Mixes and tastes great, making it in my opinion one of the best intra workouts out right now. With over 300 positive reviews between Bodybuilding and Amazon in a short time, Gold Standard BCAA has taken over the Branched Chain Amino Category. If you are happy with your BCAA supplements, and just looking to try something new, then this is your product. You will have four flavors to choose from, for only about 30$.

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