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New ISO LeanPro Protein Powder Review

New ISO LeanPro Protein Powder Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New From Labrada, ISO LeanPro protein powder is one of the best low calories high protein powders currently available for purchase. It is made up of 100% whey protein isolate, with no sugar, carbs or gluten, and it only contains 115 calories per serving.It is ideal if you are trying to gain lean muscle with out putting extra pounds in fat.

Don’t be turned of by the simplicity of the ingredients in the ISO LeanPro. Yes it’s only protein source is whey protein isolate, but you can rest assured when a company like Labarada puts out a product it will have the quality factor behind it. Whey protein isolate will provide you will great source of Amino Acids and BCAAs. With 25g of protein per serving I feel this will get the results for anybody with enough hard work and a clean diet.

One thing to kind of blemish the product is the lack of flavor choices, with only chocolate and vanilla being available, and the price is kind of high. As far as using it though, you only need to follow the directions on the label, just mix 1 scoop in 6oz of liquid and shake well.

I had the chocolate flavor, and as expected it tastes great, like real chocolate. No after taste or off putting odors. It is artificially flavored but it taste good, made t easy to take, and you can look forward to the next shake.

Mixes completely, no clumping or anything. I usually use a blender, but in a cup works well too. When using a cup make sure you shake it at least 30 seconds to completely mix. The result is a smooth shake, easy to take down.

Many people have trouble figuring out if a protein powder works or not. ISO LeanPro protein will be noticeable in the energy you get from it’s nutrition, I took it pre and post workout. I felt full during my workouts, didn’t feel fatigued or bloated. I feel the digestion was excellent, no gas, or any discomfort. Combined with a good pre-workout supplement, you will get the most out of your training. It is also a great meal replacement right after your training. It would hold me off until my dinner, and the next day I felt very recovered and ready for next session. After one tub I noticed I put on few pounds of muscle and looked leaner with fuller muscles, so job well done I feel.

It’s pricey at about 75$ for a 5lb tub, and If you use it twice a day then it’s only a month supply. Still I feel it’s a great product if it’s in your price range.

ISO LeanPro protein powder in my opinion is the real deal. If you are looking for a great tasting lean to get you size and great recovery then I would highly recommend it. There are cheaper options out there,it all depends on what you are looking for and what your wallet permits.

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