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New Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 2013 Update

New Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 2013 Update

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Muscle Milk Pro Series 50  is labeled as a lean muscle mega protein powder. Butif you give the facts panel a quick look, you’re basically looking at your average protein formula. About 300 Calories per serving. Fortified with 20 essential vitamins and minerals. Low cholesterol. Gluten-Free. Free of banned substances. NSF GMP Certified for Sports. No added fillers. Lean Muscle Mega Protein Powder. Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 gets it’s name from it’s two scoop dose of protein at 50g, which obviously on a single scoop it is the average 25g of protein that you can find in most other similar protein powder.

If you are already taking Muscle Milk and wonder should you take this new protein, look at it this way. MuscleMilk Pro Series 50 has the same amount of carbs, with 9g more protein and it has whey protein isolate. Big shot in the foot for this new pro series is that it only has 2 flavors, chocolate and vanilla. I will review the supplement in more detail once I have tried it, I am a Muscle Milk fan after all.

Release date isn’t available yet but I believe in the next few weeks we can start to see this protein on the local supplement store shelf. As i get more information I will update.


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