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New Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 Protein Powder Review

New Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 Protein Powder Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

CytoSport new Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 combines quick and slow digesting proteins to build muscle while you workout and feed your muscles throughout the day with no fillers. Currently only available in two flavors;Intense Vanilla & Knockout Chocolate. This product was designed to be a step up for the original muscle milk except with fewer calories and a newly formulated proprietary blend of protein, packed with vitamins and minerals. However there is not much difference between the old and new muscle milk when it comes to vitamins and minerals except for you get 10% more calcium and 5% more Vitamin E.

Each scoop of Pro Series 50 contains 25 grams of protein. This high quality protein blend combines quick and slow-release proteins to deliver the maximum amount of muscle nutrition before and after exercise. Quick digesting protein can cut down on soreness. With the slow digesting protein provides extended muscle recovery throughout the rest of the day. CytoSports as promised have cut down the calories to 150 a serving and Fat to 2.5g a serving. Many people complained about the in the old muscle milk and the new one actually has 15mg more then the old one.

Pro Series 50 also utilizes Lean Lipids, which are made up of a blend of canola and sunflower oils, plus medium chain triglycerides, which are more rapidly burned for energy and less likely to be stored as body fat than typical fats. Also it should be noted that it is a gluten free protein for those with a gluten intolerance.

Personally I have been a fan of muscle milk for year and the new pro series 50 doesn’t seem to be much different, except it’s leaner and offers more protein per serving. The cool thing about this new blend is the it’s ideal for pre and post workout, and if you are eating lean you can stick to 1 scoop a serving or to gain mass and size use 2 scoops. I didn’t run out and buy a tub but I got a five days worth from a friend that did just so I can review it.

It is recommended to mix 2 scoops(41.2g) into 16oz of fluid. If you remember the old muscle milk, this has a little bigger scoop then the old 35g. If you are eating leaner mix one scoop into 8oz of liquid.

I got to try the knockout chocolate, which as you can expect from muscle milk tastes awesome. No noticeable difference from old muscle milk chocolate for me. I used a blender and milk at first, an came out a little thick, probably due to casein, but I added few more ounces of liquid and it smooths out with no clumping. I tested with water in the cup, there was a little stuck at the bottom but overall it mixes well for a protein powder.

The effectiveness can really range on how you utilize the protein. As a meal replacement it’s great to have in place of a full lunch or with a light lunch. You will feel the need to eat less if you drink before eating. I didn’t feel any discomfort with my digestion or any gas you get from protein powder. I took it both before and after the gym to get the full effect and make a judgement. When you take it pre-workout you will have enough energy to burn, I felt energized in a way that you feel when you eat a really light smooth meal that doesn’t bloat you and lets you do things after you eat. As for post-workout i took it with a light dinner to get extra protein and recover faster. I feel it worked as I felt ready to go in the morning and didn’t feel like I had to eat to much when I got up, and my muscles weren’t sore much either.I have gotten results in muscle size and mass from muscle milk before and this is no different, other then you can use it for duel purpose.

It’s still being released to major online retailer so the price can range from 35-60$ depending where you buy. I think eventually we will see it at 30-35$ fora 2.5lb tub, which is a little pricey if you are using 2 scoops daily.

Over all I think CytoSports made an improvement on a already working product, and the new muscle milk pro series 50 can be included in any stack and perform. I would recommend it to anybody really, if you’re cutting or bulking, or are flavor picky , and you may have a gluten allergy, this protein really is versatile and you can use in many different shakes and what not. If you dealt with muscle milk protein powders before then this should be a no brainer, for those new to the product I think you will find it easy to drink and very effective, with hard work at the gym of course.

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