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New MusclePharm Arnold Series Overview

New MusclePharm Arnold Series Overview

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New MusclePharm Arnold Series is only a few weeks away, and with that in mind we wanted to do a little overview of the supplements in question. As we mentioned in our previous update, this is the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger has put his name on anything to do with bodybuilding supplements.

Based on industry news so far, we can expect 7-8 different supplements to be released released, with the word ‘Iron’ in the title, a reference to Schwarzenegger’s ‘Pumping Iron’ movie, a documentary and drama about lifting weights, the bodybuilding industry.

So far 7 names have been released :

>Iron Cre3– Creatine supplement based on MusclePharm’s Nitrate Series.
>Iron Cuts– Fat Burner Supplement targeting support to estrogen and cortisol levels.
>Iron Pump– No Creatine pre-workout supplement with arginine nitrate.
>Iron Whey– 100% whey protein product containing whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate.
>Iron Mass– Mass Gainer formula with a range of proteins, carbs and fat sources.
>Iron Dream– Recovery Aid with HGH boosting capability. Kind of a smaller dosage of MP Bullet Proof.
>Iron Pack– Multivitamin and Liver aid supplement, expected to rival Universal’s Animal Pak, at least in similarity.

As the supplements get released we here at newest bodybuilding supplements will be reviewing each one, as well as the training material that will accompany the New MusclePharm Arnold series. It is hard to tell how effective the supplements will be, but if Muscle Pharm and Arnold Schwarzenegger are putting their reputations on the line, I think they will produce quality supplements.

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