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New Performix Pump Review

New Performix Pump Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Performix Pump Pre-Workout Review: Delivers on a amazing pump!

Maybe the most popular supplement in anyone’s stack is their pre-workout. Performix Pump is one of 100’s of pre workout supplements on the market. So with many supplements we review, we take results from our tester and bring them to the readers. Today we are reviewing a stimulant free pre workout that is relatively new to the market. Performix Pump is a proprietary blend of ingredients with mystery dosage of each. We are listing the label below for everybody to review and research the ingredients.

performix pump label

One interesting feature in Performix Pump is the amplifying Terra Bead Technology. With the stim free supplements it an be a hit or miss in the boost department, however Pump gives you the pump for sure. I took one scoop first and it was good, but nothing I haven’t had before, so naturally I gradually up the dose. I never went over two scoops because of Niacin, which can give the flushing side effect. At two scoops it mixed great and kicks in right away. I felt great tunnel vision and hard pumps taking Performix Pump, with no jittery feeling. This will not blow you up like hulk but you notice full sustained pumps, and that’s what matters.

Pump has been on the market or a while and the reviews are positive. We feel the price could be better, especially with double dosage. Overall it is one of the better stimulant free pre workout supplements, and we would buy it again.

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